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Prague is the largest city of the Czech Republic with approx.

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The city have a quite broad range of green and blue infrastructures. A high biodiversity, which is widely distributed in the urban tissue, concentrated mainly in the most important parks and hotspots, but connected by the presence of green corridors. The boundaries are defined by the riverine zones of the rivers Berounka and Vltava.

The area is more than hectares large, full of natural and agricultural ecosystems with flood areas of great potential for recreational uses followed by revitalizations of brownfields, riverbanks and industrialized large scale agriculture.

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The objectives are create long term conditions for a metropolitan periurban park Confluence Soutok in Czech and introduce tools for coordinated and sustainable development of periurban landscapes. The main aim is to create harmony in between supported natural processes, economical interests and the visitors activities.

Set conditions for formation of landscapes rich on natural biotop diversity, transparent and penetrable suburban areas with alive flowing river, side by side agriculture, integrated flood protection and management, and economic and sport activities. These partners all had experience and competencies to manage periurban areas, but were at different stages with periurban parks. Establishment of such periurban park will create a great potential for better natural values, preserve and enhance diversity of local biotops and will create coordinated and sustainable administration of currently very divided landscape by various interests of local municipalities and private entities.

The project is innovative in most of ways in the Czech planning practise, but the most important is how the project aim on coming closer to find balance between various interests in one area and positive connection between rural and urban inhabitants and private entities in the area.

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New methodological approaches applied in the project show strengths and weaknesses of the whole project area and its stakeholders. The project also tests these new methods and approaches that can be use in other places in Prague and elsewhere in the future.

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The participatory nature of the project also introduces the concept on nature based solutions to variety of local and regional actors and shows their possibilities and potentials for revitalization of the periurban landscape and mitigation of impacts of the climate change. Area characterisation:. The institutionalization of park administration 1.

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Image by che. The city is situated in the northeastern part of the country at Vltava river, in central Bohemia, the largest region in the country. The historical capital of Bohemia and former capital of Czechoslovakia has been for centuries a city with political and cultural influence, and a major trading hub in Central Europe.

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In the 14th-century Prague was the third-largest city in Europe after Rome and Constantinople. The main attractions are the castle complex of Prague Castle , largest ancient castle in the world, and now the residence of the President of the Czech Republic.

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In the center of the city is the Old Town Square with the Prague astronomical clock, which was installed in Other magnificent monuments, such as St Vitus Cathedral , and numerous churches and palaces are built mostly in the 14th century under the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles IV. The cultural and economical center of the Czech nation has a city population of about 1. To find a location use the form below.

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