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Over the years, I've done a great deal of research. I love doing research. It often revolves around art. I used to go in the stacks. Now, of course, we have the Internet. Even with the Internet, you still have to read books to get the details you want. When I write a novel, I try to write something that's coherent and entertaining. I spend the most time on building characters. You hope to write something with richness, but above all, the reader remembers the characters--people that seem to jump off the page. I just love doing research. I've visited police stations.

I read science and books on forensics. I look things up and try to make the novel as accurate as possible. As for bodies, as a dental student, we had gross anatomy, so I know a body from the inside out.

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I do take a bit of literary license. If I don't know certain exact details, I'll make an approximation for the novel. Your physical descriptions of characters are quite elaborate. How do you balance creating that richness while maintaining a novel's narrative drive? I think of a character's description as something akin to scene-setting or stage-setting.

It's not there for the sake of simply providing details. We're not Sherlock Holmes. We don't need to know about the dangling button. I want to give the reader an idea of where a scene is taking place; who the main characters are; and what they look like. I like to leave a little bit to the reader's imagination. But if you set the scene, what follows is not distracting. Once the scene is there, the characters take over with their dialogue, but they are placed in position for the reader.

As the Deckers have grown older, are you concerned they might no longer appeal to younger readers? I try to make the characters as universal as possible. That was a consideration in Murder I moved them to a small college town to keep it fresh and young. The introduction of a younger police detective who doesn't know the ropes was done to infuse the story with some youth. You want your books to appeal to as many people as possible. If my main characters are in an older age group, I try to balance it with someone younger.

Over twenty-eight years the, Deckers' lives have evolved. Writers often borrow from their own lives. Are there parallels between the Deckers and the Kellermans? I'm sure there are, but not on a one-to-one ratio. As we grow and experience things, so do the Deckers. As we have experiences, they do, too. In my personal life, I have children and grandchildren, so I'm forced--in order to keep up with them in conversation--to be exposed to their interests and activities.

You have to learn to use whatever resources are around you, and it keeps you fresh and young. As a writing couple, what is a typical day like in your household? Are you and Jonathan on different schedules? Write in different places? Dentistry and mathematics taught me the necessity of being focused and organized. Things are easier now because the kids are out of the house.

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We wake up when we want to as opposed to when we had children at home. We begin writing at about or We write at roughly the same time, most often in the mornings because we both feel fresher at that time. We spend about two to three hours writing, and then comes all the business of running your life.

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There's a lot of juggling with the books: promotion, writing, dealing with the business of writing. At first, I found it stressful, but now I have fun with it. After about in the afternoon, I try not going to my computer. I want to relax, read a book, go out for dinner, or see a movie. How did that go? It went really well. We e-mailed chapters back and forth. We did that with everything, beginning with the outline.

I would write something; then, he would embellish it. Then I would embellish his embellishment. And finally, we had an outline. For each novel, one of us wrote the first draft.

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We'd go back-and-forth with that. It was really wonderful. You know, sometimes in my own work, I'd hit a wall. With the collaboration, if I wasn't quite sure how to end a scene, I'd send it to Jonathan, and he'd do it. I think the main thing was not to take a proprietary interest in the writing.


It's a shared project and you have to leave your ego at the door. Dentists usually have manual dexterity, and their hobbies often involve using their hands. How about you? I've done a lot of sewing. I crochet.

I really love gardening. If I have any spare time, I love to prune and plant. I love the aesthetic, and it's so rewarding. I sometimes play the mandolin and the guitar; so yes, I enjoy using my hands.

Murder 101

As a successful novelist since , what has surprised you most about writing? The biggest surprise is, it doesn't get easier. With most tasks, the more you perform them, the more rote they become. With writing, you can never, ever, sit back and have it come easily. It's always a struggle. It's a joy, but you're always thinking. It always gives me a headache. The professor was recently divorced from a fellow faculty member whom she was married to.

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Recent happenings have not been that good since even her car has also been stolen. What puts her in the suspicion list is that they find one of her students in the truck. This student was attending as a seminar and was purposed to have been lost. Alison has to continue hoofing to the campus; this kind of situation was considered to be worse than death. She is also seen as a major suspect in connection to that death.

She makes efforts to clear up her name even though these efforts appear not to be bearing any fruits at all. While trying to get the truth she gets to know a detective known as Bobby who happens to be a former altar boy and has his suspicions on nuns. Things go helter skater before the professor can get to know who committed the murder.

Extracurricular activities feature the same English professor who fears to meet the parents of her boyfriend for the very first time at a pool party. She fears on what and how she should wear at that meeting and relishes the idea of wearing a speedo whose pieces of elastic are missing; a traditional honeymoon gown from her earlier wedding with her former husband who is already dead but seems out of options.

Her boyfriend is a detective of the New York police department, and they have been together for more than a year. There are marriage prospects at hand since her boyfriend Bobby Crawford recently asked for her hand in marriage, but she is yet to respond to that. Alison loves her boyfriend and feels that he is the one meant for her, however, her view of marriage is somewhat biased as she is not even sure how to go about it given that she has been married before.

She is not comfortable with the idea of leaving her little town to move to another unknown city.

Murder 101

Now as she meets the parents of her boyfriend she knows that she must give him the expected response or she must be prepared how to deal with that issue. She tries to distract herself at a coffee shop but turns disastrous when she becomes witness to the death of a known blogger who had turned to criticizing people and organizations thus inducing the element of fear. Alison is one of the few witnesses and becomes entangled in a murder case. Mysteries surrounding her best friend who seems to be helping her will be revealed.

The series featured dick van dyke playing the major role. If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below. Book s. The guy is a master! More Details. View Results. Maggie Barbieri Books In Order. All Gabriel Allon fans will be eagerly anticipating this one - your favourite spy is back in The New Girl , coming to bookshelves in mid-July. In this one, a girl is kidnapped from an exclusive private school in Switzerland and Gabriel Allon is brought on board to find her. Every 2 weeks we send out an e-mail with Book Recommendations. We'll base this on various factors for example "If you like Jack Reacher Insert your e-mail below to start getting these recommendations.

Endorsed by Lee Child himself, this is a fantastic book series and is the best recommendation I can give for any fans of Reacher. More details.