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I really enjoy driving in my red truck. So if you see me out and about drop over and say hi! Buddy Bacon. Absolutely amazing panoramic view of Passamaquoddy Bay near St. Andrews from this new waterfront listing in Bocabec coming soon to MLS with 1. This one-owner home or year round vacation cottage contains 4 bedrooms and three full bathrooms with finished daylight basement and glorious views out most windows!

Really cool with seals swimming in the cove! Good place for a swim with the warmer water of the river meeting the bay. Shown here in summer. We got out at Carrying Cove Beach, I jumped right out and just ran for the shore and jumped right in. Wow, talk about refreshing!!! Nicholas went in to his ankles and that was it! Sure was a fun day for us. Paws crossed and hoping!!! There is no one like our mothers who dish out unconditional love in abundance! Hope you mothers enjoy a special day with your children and this includes four-legged furry friends of course. With a panoramic view and private beach you can enjoy all that a New Brunswick lifestyle has to offer.

Nicholas and I hope to be visiting this summer to enjoy that gorgeous beach to the fullest! Hey, sounds like lots of fun to me! We sure did appreciate those sunny warm days, staying out for hours letting the rays bounce off our shinny black coats. Mother Nature is just getting the ground prepared for a warm balmy summer. Have a great weekend and hope to see you soon. Well the lawns are turning green now with all the rain we had I enjoyed the bright blue skies earlier this week. Nicholas and I are really starting to feel like spring is here!

Works for me. There is a small spring-fed brook on the trails just before our parking place so Nicholas and I always get a fresh drink and give our paws a wash as well. Just a little reminder and then Mama and Papa get the towels out to finish them off. I was waiting for the ice to finally go and it went. Two open houses this weekend! Four bedroom home with large lot and the most amazing panoramic sunset water view in the valley!!! Fantastic location close to the golf course and Riverside Park this newly renovated home features a main floor bedroom, open concept and nice fenced yard.

Hope you can stop by. There is nothing Charlie likes more then touring lovely properties with nice people and showing off all our beautiful area has to offer. The buyers are in good hands with Charlie. We went with blue and white. Nicholas will be in the yard playing ball while I stay close and help Mama, what else is new? Have a great weekend. Rain, rain, go away Buddy Bacon wants to play! We were happy at first because we knew it would get rid of the last of the ice but our joy soon dissipated when grey day after grey day it just kept coming.

Last Saturday she was on what she calls a whirlwind tour with out of province buyers showing waterfront across Southern New Brunswick. John River. Mama sure is hoping that the sun is going to shine! Nicholas and I have our paws crossed and hoping. Nicholas and I are looking forward to getting out and about this weekend, hopefully with a blue sky and the sun shinning on our backs. Have a great weekend and if you see us, stop over to say hi. We love meeting new people and old friends. Happy Easter! Her and Charlie have lived here all their lives and know well the perks of the NB lifestyle! Nicholas and I have our paws crossed hoping that the Easter Bunny finds our house this year.

Nicholas is looking for a new ball of course and I want some pigs ears my very favourite thing! Charlie would love that. He loves dogs so much and is looking for just that one special one! Nicholas and I are really looking forward to leftovers! Our mouths are watering just thinking about it! Papa is looking forward to a chocolate bunny.

No open houses this weekend, it being Easter. Mama and Charlie always respect this special holiday. Hope you have a relaxing Easter filled with peace and love. Experience the love of a rescue dog! Turn up your volume and click below to view our award winning Home For Dogs Video. We just love Mr. Everyone is excited to see the snow finally go!!!

The days have been so nice and warm with such vivid blue skies. We saw our first crocus today!!! Mama was so excited. Then we come out and go looking. I do really well at it because I have the much larger nose and it seems better tracking skills but Nicholas is not to be outshone.

Have a good weekend and hope to see you around really soon. Started straight out of university and never looked back! Charlie welcomes past and future clientele to give him a call, text, message or email when they are ready to sell or buy a house. Mama, Papa and Nicholas are freezing. I just get tired of listening to them bellyaching about it. Spring is just around the corner, I promise you.

And Charlie is at 14 Garrison Driving in Hastings Cove, off Partridge, Rothesay an attractive 4-bedroom family home with stone facade and southern exposure. We look forward to seeing you. Nicholas and I are keeping an eye out for ours! Spring is just around the corner! Hard to keep my white paws from getting muddy this time of year but great to see the longer days and warmer temperatures but the March wind is still chilly.

The snow is going quickly now off the golf course, I can see it out my window. Drives Mama and Nicholas nuts at night when she takes me out for my last walk and I get on that snow rolling and rolling, side to side, kicking my back legs and then stretching. Then I jump up quickly and run for the house. The market was bustling as usual. We hung our heads out the windows watching all the people coming and going. This was our first trip to the market, what a busy place!

Then we took a drive to Mispec Beach with Mama and Papa reminiscing over their childhood visits, Mama with her mother and Papa with his grandparents. Sounds like they had lots of fun. The tide was way out and we got out of the truck and took a walk on the beach. This was another first for Nicholas and I but we hope they take us back there again! Contracts are all signed and now they are working through the conditions. With their vast experience they know exactly how to handle any situation that may arise and our clients really appreciate being able to rely on them.

Between her and Charlie they have sold thousands of homes across southern New Brunswick and can sell yours too! Mama says Susan and Chris were such a joy to work with!!! Their home always showed beautifully and they were always so obliging to work around the schedules of potential buyers. Working with these two was a real treat! Hope you have a great weekend. Keep in mind warmer longer days are coming.

Well things are looking up with the first day of spring here and gone and temperatures slowly on the rise. She always starts with our face, then our backs and our paws are last. Nicholas puts his sweet little face right up to get it wiped off. We hated to see her go but we knew it was important and she flew all night so that she would be away from us for as short a time as possible. She was so very impressed with the program and says that they really rolled out the red carpet for their agents who came to the event from all over the world including Hawaii, Ireland, Italy, Dubai and more!

She was happy to meet up with some old colleagues from Prudential Fine Homes International who have now moved over to Global Luxury as well. The training was to unleash the latest in sales techniques and technology and Coldwell Banker Global Luxury is second to none! No other company even comes close! Mama knew they were big but this was a real eye opener. Their state of the art technology gives them the 1 portal in the world and this is just the start! Mama knew they were a great company when she made the choice to join Coldwell Banker here in New Brunswick but she had no idea it was going to be a match made in Heaven!

Nicholas and I are just happy to have her home! Nicholas and I love meeting new people and bumping into old friends! So nice to be out and about as the sun shines and the temperature goes above freezing. We felt soooo bad. This one-owner family home not only is not only a spacious well-built home with panoramic sunrise view, heat pump, air conditioning, in-floor hot water heating and finished daylight walkout basement but what excites me the most is the fine sandy beach!!!

I can just imagine the fun Nicholas and I would have with our own private beach. Imagine swimming whenever we want, Papa could put in a boat, we could have bonfires on the beach and wienie roasts too as the sun sets over the water. Hope to see you out and about. It will keep more than a cold winter to slow our team down! Join us this Sunday from pm as we host four open houses in Rothesay and the Valley. With every imaginable bell and whistle this all inclusive luxury home comes complete with furnishings, pictures, dishes, accessories, in-ground pool and more!

Our colleague Michelle Hardy is happy to show you through 4 Pugsley Lane, right across from the skating rink at Rothesay Common. This hidden gem with fantastic location has been beautifully maintained with spacious rooms, in-floor heating, cozy fireplace, large crisp white eat-in kitchen and huge deck overlooking the private fenced yard.

This four bedroom family home has been newly renovated from top to bottom and features a lovely flat private back yard. Nicholas and I are personally looking forward to meeting Stacey. Nicholas and I enjoyed a nice walk yesterday to the top of Spy Glass Hill. I am super careful on the ice. Mama is amazed how I go out of my way to go around it, finding a little patch of ground here or a bit of dirt there.

Mama has her hands full trying to keep Nicholas slowed down with the icy conditions. He still goes tearing around like the wind. Congratulation to Nick and Jane Rocca who moved into their new Rothesay home this week! Two of the nicest people Mama has ever worked with and we all wish them every joy in their gorgeous new home, now so much closer to their grandchildren! Their home at Cedarwood is now closed and we wish the out of town buyer all the best at that handsome property.

Mama is presently busy negotiating another home in the neighbourhood for super nice clients. Paws crossed and hoping that this one goes just as smoothly! Millidgeville area has certainly been a hot commodity this fall and winter! Our experience and dedication to our clients is second to none!

We can help with tips to ease the burden to a smooth transaction! What a winter! Are me and my big dog friends the only ones enjoying these freezing temperatures? Even Nicholas is complaining! Personally unloving it. The other day I layed out in the storm until I looked like a white dog, instead of black. Difficult for the buyers to be out and about in this weather but the serious ones have no choice. The weather just gets crazier by the day with snow, rain, severe temperature drops and flash freezing!

Recently so many homes, that have never had a problem have flooded with torrential rains pouring down on top of solid ice. Did you know that overland flood insurance is available to homeowners and will cover this type of issue? Welcome Home. Tyro shown on his deck. With thousands of acres of nature just down the street this is one awesome location!!! Trails for walking, lakes for swimming, what more can you ask for? So many people that I know have fallen in the past few weeks.

It happens so quickly. Mama has been trying to get Nicholas to slow down a little as he just flies across it, he is so agile and quick. With all this cold weather, Nicholas really got his new coat just at the right time. Have a good week. Can you believe this crazy weather?

All that ice and the terrible road conditions??? Last night took the cake with the high winds and our power going out at pm. I was watching TV with Papa and Nicholas and all of a sudden, pow, pitch black!!! We stayed quiet and calm as Mama and Papa jumped to finding flash lights and lighting candles. Our rooms looked so very different under the flickering glow of candle light and we headed right to bed. We have never heard the wind rage like it did. We were okay but Mama was nervous, says it reminded her of the Ground Hog Gale of when she was a girl still living at home with her parents and the winds gusted to mph.

The gale was being broadcast on the news around the world as far away as Australia! Anyone living through it will not soon forget. Mama says we could skate in our yard if I knew how to skate and when we headed down the driveway we slid right out into the road!!! Our street was well plowed and sanded and we promptly got our driveway sanded too. Some of Mama showing and listing appointments cancelled due to the weather.

She really appreciated it and spent the week catching up on computer work and negotiating an offer for days via phone, text and email. Besides loosing our power last night, we lost our internet connection at supper time. So happy to back up on line now!!! Boy when you have no lights, no water, no stove and no heat, just even for one day, it really brings home quickly just how comfortable our lives are and all the creature comforts we take for granted! Hope we get some decent weather over the weekend as we can all use the break!

Drive safely and be careful walking on that ice! Big News! This is really good news for all buyers and sellers as we continue on with a much hotter market than we have seen in many years! Mortgage rate comparison website founder Robert McLister says RBC is the first of the Big Six banks to cut its advertised five-year fixed rate after a fall in five-year bond yields. McLister adds that he expects other big banks to follow suit in the coming day! There is also an over-sized heated garage with finished loft with two large bedrooms, full bath and convenient intercom connected to the main house.

I highly recommend it for loads of year-round fun! Gabrielle Daleman in the lead after the short program! This well-kept four plus one bedroom family home is located in one of the most desirable areas in southern New Brunswick, Hastings Cove!

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The stone facade home has an inviting airtight wood-burning fireplace in the main floor family room, stunning custom kitchen with sunny solarium eating area, private treed back yard and large south facing deck. Lucky the family moving into this lovely home. Wishing you have a great weekend and hope to see you out and about. We have something for every taste and budget!

Happy New Year! Wishing you good health, happiness and prosperity throughout ! She is from England with a sweet voice and English accent. She comes and stays with us when Mama and Papa go out of town. They were not too far away, just down to the Algonquin and Mama says they could be home in an hour if need be.

They were happy to see some of our friends and clients down there too. We are careful to walk behind her on the staircase and never rush past. She is a fantastic cook and makes us some nice homemade goodies. She plays in the yard with us, takes us for walks and throws the ball for Nicholas, his very favourite thing in the world. Mama says, no wonder we love her. When she arrived I gave her a sweet little butterfly kiss on the cheek, which I am very stingy with.

We miss her when she leaves and look forward to her next visit! Mama and Charlie look forward to starting up their open houses again now that the holidays are over. The first will take place in Rothesay, Quispamsis and Millidgeville area. Watch here and our web site for the upcoming schedule. We are excited about a new listing coming up in Hastings Cove area of Kennebecasis Park. It has four bedrooms up, one down, two and a half baths, finished basement, large great room and stunning sunny custom kitchen! Be sure to come over to my bright red truck and say hello to Nicholas and I if you see us in a parking lot, waiting for Mama.

Nicholas and I wish to take this opportunity to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas, good health, much fun and folic in ! We, along with all our furry friends, are being very good as we wait patiently for Santa Paws to visit our homes in the wee hours of December 25 th. Nicholas and I have been searching the house high and low, behind furniture, drapes and doors looking for these elusive elves to no avail!! They must be slippery little critters to outsmart us two.

Especially me with my big nose as I can usually sniff out anything! Merry Christmas! Have a wonderful Christmas and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year! November has proven to be a hot market with local sales hitting a year high!!! It was the best month of November for sales since and the second-best ever! The number of new listings was down Her and Charlie were out there selling away to mark a portion of these statistics with their sales of Cedarwood Drive, 90 Second Street plus three others from MLS!

Quite a November! Their impeccable ranch home with panoramic water view will go to new buyers from Ontario. Congratulation Jane and Nick and thank you for being such a pleasure for Mama and Charlie to work with. Mama was also happy to help you with your purchase of a new home in the valley closer to your precious grandchildren! The sun is shining brightly, Cedarwood! Nicholas and I are busy getting ready for Christmas, putting up our tree and hopefully paws crossed a visit from Santa Paws!!!

He so mischievous and for weeks has been snooping into every bag Mama brings into the house even sneaked in the Christmas room a few times. He says one for him and one for me. Mama says the elves are hiding around the house and reporting what they see to Santa Paws. If this is the case, then Nicholas is in trouble. Every ornament is a dog, cat, raccoon, etc. Our Auntie Blue has been baking for weeks and she surprised Mama with a beautiful Christmas table cloth for our kitchen yesterday. We just love it! We have new neighbours!!!

They come over to visit Nicholas and I several times a day. We were shocked at first to hear barking right next door, let me tell you our heads snapped around and then two furry balls come flying through the hedge and it was Darcy and Bennett. Darcy is more quiet but Bennett is very brave and came right up to me barking in my face! I let one big bark out and he went and hid behind his Papa. Mama and Papa just love the puppies and I have to admit I get a bit jealous when they make too much fuss about them.

Bennett on the left, Darcy on the right. Nicholas and I have been helping Mama decorate the big wreath at our front door and we helped Papa place the Christmas lights on our vines. I just waited out side for her to come back out and continue while Nicholas ran around with his favourite ball.


Our Christmas Wreath Congratulations to Charlie on the sale of his listing at 90 Second Street in Rothesay! Get ready to welcome a new neighbour into your neighbourhood! Nicholas and I may see you at Spy Glass or out and about the town parking lots as we wait in our red SUV for Mama while she does some Christmas shopping.

See you soon. Even in the high winds and cold temperatures Wednesday Mama still took us for our daily walk but instead of heading for the hills of Spy Glass where it was gusting unbelievably we stayed sheltered on the trails surrounded by trees on the low land near Allison Drive. I had to laugh to myself as I have never seen Mama walk so fast!!! She was all bundled up like an Eskimo and we flew in and out of those trails.

We snuggled by the fire again this morning after a wonderful morning in the fresh fallen snow! Nobody but nobody enjoys the snow more than Nicholas and I. We flew out the door early this morning with Mama, threw ourselves down on the snows and just started rolling in it!!! She threw the ball and we chased it I actually got it a few times and we had so much fun.

3-Day Alice Springs to Uluru (Ayers Rock) via Kings Canyon

Now back inside for breakfast, a nap and then repeat! What a fantastic location!!! In the summer time Nicholas and I would take a refreshing swim in Lily Lake. How sweet would that be! This house is lovely too with an abundance of updates, new kitchen with fancy appliances, several cozy fireplaces and a beautiful flat yard with huge trees and lawn for playing. I highly recommend it! Could easily be made into a 2-family if you wished. Special thanks to my colleague David Nicholson from Coldwell Banker for hosting this event. Hope you have a good weekend. I see the Christmas Craft Shows are starting so if you see me out and about come over to say hello.

Enjoy the sunshine today because they are calling for lots more rain on Saturday starting tonight and heavy tomorrow! Nicholas and I are getting a bit fed up with it but we are looking forward to a nice long walk to Spy Glass Hill and beyond even thought the ground is pretty soggy later today. She says we had better be good boys!

Sunshine for Sunday and Monday!!! Totally private, professionally landscaped, gorgeous yard with landscape lighting and attractively fenced with wrought iron and chain link. The house circa is square feet and has retained many upgrades; siding, windows, roofing, wiring, insulation, plumbing, etc. Main floor bedroom and full bath! Amazing location!!! What a great yard for children and pets, not only fenced but totally flat! Watch for more details. Well we survived another Halloween with Mama dressing us up and all kinds of scary little creatures coming to our door with very spooky faces!

Papa was at the door giving out the treats and I thought one of the goblins was going to eat him up so I let my big voice be heard! Nicholas was dressed as a Jester he loved his costume, wore it until he fell asleep and Mama slipped it off him and I was a business man with a neck tie and button down collar. Not sure if anyone recognized me or not!!! I like to think I was incognito! We went to a Halloween party at a friends house after we finished giving out our treats and wow, did they ever go all out for the night! We have never seen a thing like it. The house was decorated to the nines inside and out and the lady made this fabulous cake shaped like a spider with long legs.

Everyone was oohing an awing at the sight of it and then when they tasted it they took it up another notch! Nicholas and I played with their little boy and we all had a great time. It was late when we got home and Nicholas and I were pooped. We went right to bed and were out like lights the minute our heads hit our pillows! This was a Halloween to remember! We are very excited about two new listings. The first is at Rothesay Road. What a perfect big yard for children and pets alike to run and play!

Nicholas and I would have a ball here! All the things we treasure in fine homes today. If your dream lifestyle is to live within walking distance to the Rothesay Common and all this location has to offer, then I suggest you take a closer look! With 2. The original house was built in , restored in and the stylish addition was added in This home offers a massive deck, Avandale kitchen with 6-burner gas stove, great room with wood-burning fireplace, exterior access from most rooms and impressive main floor master complete with sitting area, propane fireplace, patio doors, walk-in closet and spa-like 5-piece ensuite with European-style separate flush.

Button down the hatches this weekend as we are supposed to be getting 80 mm of rain! Is this what they mean when they say it is raining cats and dogs??? I can tell you that Nicholas and Buddy Bacon will be curled up in front of the fireplace; cozy, warm and dry this weekend! I thought this weather would never come after such a long hot drawn out summer. I had a hard time this summer with my big Newfie coat as our weather was not only hotter than normal but the humidity was higher too. We never, never never get high humidity in NB!

One Saturday on our morning walk I was go sooooo slow and just dragging my feet along that Mama thought I was getting sick. Where did this guy come from? Frost who comes out at night this time of year and magically sprinkles the ground with it. Nothing but nothing feels better to Big Buddy Bacon than a nice morning roll on cool frosty grass! Mama, Charlie and colleagues from Coldwell Banker are vamping up the schedule to be sure you get an opportunity to view these exciting homes! Looking forward to seeing you today! These stunning homes are warm, inviting and toasty inside and many feature a cozy fireplace.

Yesterday I closed up the camp in New River Beach. Whew, what a job!!! I laid back on the couch urging Mama and Papa on as they cleaned and scrubbed, packed and hauled bags to my truck. Nicholas slept through most of it! It took way longer than we expected never finished until 8 pm so I missed out on my last swim in the bay for the year. Mama said not to worry, she will take me down the next nice day we get before the snow flies! No one wants to hear it but I love snow almost as much as I love swimming! My my side kick is another story! Nicholas loves to swim in the middle of summer when it hot.

Nobody but nobody is going to get to a stick thrown in the water before Nicholas! Mama and Charlie will have the fireplaces blazing and the apple cider hot. It features 9. Both properties are exceptionally well-built, boast water frontage on Darlings Lake, soaring cathedral ceilings, impressive master suites with walk-in closets and ensuite baths, home offices, ductless heat pumps, wood-burning fireplaces and extraordinary landscaping!

Meanwhile I came in 20 minutes later and went back to bed! More rain on the way tomorrow so try to stay dry but calling for sunshine on Sunday for our open houses! Have a great weekend and stop by if you can. Hope to see you soon. Happy Thanksgiving from Nicholas and I on this glorious blue-sky day! Hoping Mama and Papa will share the turkey because you know us Bacon Boys love turkey! Yum, yum, yum we can just smell it now. This inviting 4-bedroom home has a beautifully updated crisp white kitchen with new appliances. The open concept great room features propane fireplace, there is a large wrap around deck, finished walkout basement, ducted heat pump and best of all is the breathtaking view one of the best in Southern NB!

Watch for our open house here in October. Watch as well for several open houses at several of our beautiful homes in October. We have something for every price range and every lifestyle! Mama will have the fireplaces burning and serving hot cider and I may have a special surprise myself so stay posted! Charlie is looking for a new dog! Yup, you heard it right. He is very kind and will love the dog to pieces! Days will start with an early morning walk with his friend Ted and it will be a very pampered pet.

Lucky the furry friend who finds a home with our Charlie! Call him directly at We hear that the beautiful big buck with his huge rack that has been wondering East Riverside and the golf course for years was killed by a bow-hunter at the top of Spy-Glass Hill this week. He was a real beauty and will be surely missed. He seemed very kind as well as all last winter he had a little orphaned fawn tagging along that he looked after and got him through the cold winter.

Loving this gorgeous weather!!! Is our long hot sunny summer the reason sales have taken off this year and still continue into the fall? Usually we have about eight true weeks of summer so buyers feel a time crunch for barbecues, boating, deck parties, camping, hiking, biking, sailing, kayaking, swimming and the beach; but not this year, it just keeps coming! Everyone is asking; where are the buyers coming from?

Well several are coming for jobs with large corporations and new doctors for the hospital and many locals are either buying their dream homes, down-sizing to one level or families up-sizing to larger homes as well as first time home-buyers who are tired of renting. Everyone is on the move! Both properties were sold on their very first showing!!!

Whoot, Whoot!!! Congratulations to our buyers and sellers and we wish the new owners every happiness in their new homes! We especially wish our dear friend Alexei a smooth move. Nicholas and I will pop over to your new place for a play date Alexei! October is the month that Mama and Charlie go into full swing with their fall open houses along with some help from their Coldwell Banker colleagues! They be serving hot apple cider on cool autumn day and the fires will be roaring in the fireplaces to keep you warm and make you feel most welcome as you tour some of the most beautiful homes in New Brunswick.

I like to greet everyone too and show off the exteriors! Papa says I will have to be on a leash because someone could be scared of a big black dog!!! Scared of the Budster??? Not likely, I love everyone and I never jump up, not ever! But I agreed with the leash, just in case anyone feels nervous. Stay posted for the day, time and location! With stunning chandeliers, spacious rooms, numerous cozy fireplaces, intriguing architectural details, a true 5-star chefs-kitchen and 1. There are two grand staircases, one circular and one turned and all bedrooms with full ensuite baths, some with balconies overlooking the garden, several with fireplaces.

There is also a convenient staff quarters, over-sized 2-car attached garage with heated floor and a private flower and herb garden. One box at a time! Just listed last week and sold this week on the first showing with all conditions met today! This is the fourth property Mama and Charlie have listed in the past few weeks that has sold on the first showing. Way to go guys!!! Another happy seller! Their local buyer loves the turn of the century grandeur, the spaciness and interior detail of these properties.

Hang in there. I live for a good refreshing swim. I have been walking each night before dark at Allison with Mama and Nicholas. We are very social! Is this the extraordinary weather, is it an influx of new jobs, or possibly New Brunswickers moving home from out west to retire? Way to hot for Big Buddy Bacon! This is the busiest Mama and Charlie have seen it during the summer in many years with four recent sales on the very first showing appointment.

Hope it keeps up as we head into fall. Nicholas and I are here as their cheering squad. Congratulations to the new owner of 19 Upper Deck Lane, just closed today. Be safe! What a lovely large property with beach, deep water mooring for a boat and lovely family home! Lucky the new owner of this handsome property! We wish them many years of happy memories here!

Lexxi is selling her beautiful bedroom family home overlooking the Kennebecasis River and going to new digs. Check out the details on this site and call Mama for a closer look. Tired of paying rent? Time to downsize or move from a dated home to a stylish new property? This could be it! Both have open concept, modern kitchen, second floor laundry, full bath plus powder room, oversized master bedroom with huge walk-in closet and attached garage.

Perfect location for young professionals, first time home buyers, empty nester and young families! Best of all, there are no monthly condo fees!!! Now you can have it all! Hot weather is still upon us. Hope you have a good one. Little Joey Thompson moves into his new house in Drury Cove today. Maybe Mama will let us come down for a play date! All the little dogs love Big Buddy Bacon. Hahaha hahaha. Nicholas is gentle with the little dogs too. Joey Thompson. Our new listing at 45 Pascobac Lane has sold with the first showing!!! Charlie is on a roll and just sold his 41 Keltie Drive in Hampton this week too!

Way to go Mama and Charlie! Hope everyone has a wonderful Labour Day Weekend! You have to wonder some days! You can be sure if it thunders Nicholas will be hiding under the blankets! Rain or shine they were right on!!! Personally I go look out the window and that tells me all I need to know! Is this the new trend for summer in New Brunswick? Plus things run so smoothly with Charlie on board!

He has so much experience, expertise and finesse with the clients, not to mention a massive network. August is typically the slowest month of the year but not this year and July is the second slowest but it was busy too. Our garden is lovely this year. Bring on the summer fun!

Imagine waking up to this every morning!!! I love them. He almost bit me with that remark. I explained he needs to learn to type, use the computer and spell so he can help me with my blog. But I must say that he does a fantastic job at public relations!!! This is my kind of place!

With square feet on the main floor there is plenty of space for a big dog and his favourite side kick, Nicholas and the open concept means that I can easily see Mama and Papa at all times. If you want to have friends and family for the weekend or longer there is a full finished daylight walkout basement with three more bedrooms, full bath and full guest kitchen. Mama says if we could get two full days of steady rain it would help immensely. I only get there on the weekends but let me tell you Nicholas and I make the most of it! Mama prefers this too and actually got in with us for a swim twice last weekend!

Another Tough Canuck! I feel like a million bucks when I get out. I know Mama did too, she kept raving about it! Papa came in unexpectedly on Saturday he actually fell in, off a rocker, snicker, snicker, snicker! Mama was right there and pulled him out. I was up sunning myself on the beach so I was no help and it was all over by the time I hustled down to the water. Wish I had it on camera.

Business has been brisk for being the heart of summertime. July and August are usually our two slowest months but Mama and Charlie had a great July and August is ahead of schedule. Hope you can stop in and say hello! Hope you had a great New Brunswick Day weekend and that we see you around the parks and beaches this summer!

I sure am! Hoping to get to the beach at New River a few times. Nicholas and I are hoping Mama will get in with us again this weekend! What a time we had last weekend when Papa and Mama decided we were both going to have a bath. I absolutely loved it getting all suds up with my oatmeal shampoo, conditioner and detangling rinse.

Mama nicknamed me Rosebud after that! Now the little fella was another story!!! Then after she caught him and got half way through the bath Papa slackened the hold on his collar just a bit and he got away running down the beach again! When they were done he jumped out of the water, started twirling around and acting the fool!

He was so funny to watch that I just rolled on the beach laughing. I hope you have a wonderful New Brunswick Day, get out and enjoy whatever you love best and I hope to see you around. I love it when she swims with me. The water is so lovely and clean at New River and we can easily see every pebble on the bottom.

Charlie has been as busy as a bee negotiating several offers this week on some of our fabulous homes and working through conditions. He is one hard worker and a great negotiator always putting our clients needs first! You rock Charlie! Nicholas and I wish we could be there think you could save me some cake? Wishing you many more Murray! The rain is supposed to stop tonight and hot and sunny tomorrow.

We have a hard time to get him to go out in the rain even for five minutes. Enjoy your last weekend in July, rain or shine make the most of it and we hope to see you soon. Nicholas and I have our rain slickers ready! Mark your calendar! Taking to painting later in life her unique blend of colours and subject matter have made her an overnight success!

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Swift nodded approvingly at his daughter. He said it was just beyond the Pillars of Hercules, as they used to call it. Then he moved his finger a few inches westward. After having dallied with the Atlantic Ridge and the Cape Verde Islands, we took a look at the gravitic and thermal data being collected by space satellites, and guess what?

Suddenly a loud buzzing noise interrupted the conversation—which had turned into something of a lecture. The Swift residence was surrounded by a magnetic field which touched off a signal when broken. The family and their friends avoided this by wearing wristwatches containing small neutralizer coils. But the alarm always sounded at the approach of prowlers or unexpected visitors. When Tom opened the door, he was surprised to see William Clyde, the pudgy, middle-aged mayor of Shopton. The man was excited and red in the face.

Otherwise, the whole town will be blown up! Stunned into silence, he politely ushered him into the living room where the others waited expectantly. All ears had overheard what the Mayor had said. The caller sank into an easy chair. As he mopped his brow with a handkerchief, he reiterated why he was there. Damon Swift regarded him quizzically. Please tell us how you got your information. Swift pointed out.

Do you expect me to stand by and do nothing when the lives of thousands of people are at stake? Swift took the cue. Like the others, this message came in a mathematical symbol code, which we previously compiled into a space dictionary on computer. That dictionary has been destroyed, apparently after having been copied without our permission. Mayor Clyde gasped. Swift added. Tom informed Ames of the anonymous phone call to the mayor. There was as yet no real proof of any involvement by Munson Wickliffe.

Could the theft have been an inside job by someone working at the plant—perhaps an employee? And if so, what was the motive? From Mr. Nevertheless both father and son tried to reassure Mayor Clyde. The official, however, could not be calmed. He begged them to send a message to their space friends, calling off the rocket plans. Swift agreed. Tom was amazed and dismayed by this sudden decision. As the Mayor left, he turned to his father, trying not to sound accusing.

This is our chance to learn something about life on other planets, something scientists have dreamed of for centuries! Swift replied. That will give us time to work out more of the code and to calm down the Mayor and any others who have heard the news. Tom grinned sheepishly. Please be careful, Dad.

And you too, Tom! Swift promised. Apologizing for ending the evening so abruptly, they sped to the plant with Tom at the wheel of his sports car. Darkness had fallen, but the grounds of Swift Enterprises were illuminated by powerful floodlights. Hours later they were ready to transmit the brief message they had composed. But as they neared the room that housed the imaging oscilloscope equipment that was connected to the magnifying antenna, the employee who had been monitoring the device during the night shift ran into the hallway to meet them.

A message is just coming through! They dashed into the oscilloscope room. For several moments the unusual pictographs continued to march across the oscilloscope. Then the monitor went blank. Can you translate it? Swift thumbed through his notebook and wrote down several words, then glanced up with a worried frown.

See if you can remember any of these symbols. Between them, Tom and his father struggled with the message for over an hour, covering sheet after sheet in their computations. Finally they worked out the meaning:. The two inventors faced each other tensely. Neither of them dared to voice the disturbing thought that raced into their minds.

What if the missile exploded in the middle of Shopton! Before the Swifts could speak, the phone jangled. The operator reported that he was relaying an outside call. Tom gulped when the operator disclosed that the call was from Mayor Clyde! Now my secret informant calls me at home to tell me about this exploding missile nonsense!

An emphatic click told them the Mayor had hung up. More trouble? Swift began to pace about the room with clenched fists. A strange whistling sound seemed to be coming from somewhere outside. An instant later a blinding flash turned night to day, followed by a terrific and frightening roar! In the room where Tom and his father stood, books and small objects were tumbled to the floor. Two of the windowpanes cracked and caved in. Tom dashed to one of the windows followed by Mr. The sky above was illuminated by a strange phosphorescence, with a cloud of fine fragments raining down on the experimental station.

Outdoors pandemonium held sway as guards and night employees swarmed around the grounds. But as dawn broke hours later it was clear that the space visitor had caused no injury and done no major damage. Quick calls to Shopton, cautiously worded, indicated that the townfolk had not noticed the blast, which was highly localized. Swift commented wryly to Tom. They caught a few hours of needed sleep on cots in their shared office, and breakfasted at the plant commissary.

Swift composed a reassuring notice which was circulated among the work force. As Mars was still over the horizon, they were able to transmit a revised message to their space friends urging them to temporarily postpone the arrival of the rocket, and warning them that unauthorized persons might attempt to interfere with the project by sending false or misleading information. As the morning passed and Mars descended behind the western horizon, Tom and his father were disturbed at the lack of a confirming response to their transmission.

If Wickliffe or some other technically savvy person has possession of the space dictionary data, they know enough to jam our outgoing signals. Swift conceded the truth of this possibility. As he often did when a problem proved insoluble, Tom withdrew to his personal laboratory-workshop, where he turned his mind to some remaining technical issues concerning his seacopter design.

As noon approached, Bud dropped by.

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He pointed to a spot on the chart north of the Madeira Islands and slightly east of the Horseshoe Seamounts. What about them? They seem too pointed and narrow, and too regularly arranged, to be natural. Bud bounced out of his chair excitedly. Bud was always ready for action! I can hardly wait to start for the lost city! Hopping into a nanocar, the boys drove to one of the multistory laboratory buildings. Stepping onto a ridewalk they were smoothly carried down the main corridor of the quarter-mile-long plant wing by a silent conveyor belt. They stepped off near the entrance to the photographic laboratory.

Inside, experimental work on all kinds of cameras was taking place. Tom led Bud to a device which looked like a supersized television camera gimbal-mounted on a metal support column. It bristled with knobs and dials, and had what appeared to be a TV screen at the rear of the housing. It was in use for security purposes at Swift Enterprises and around the world. This allows us to use extreme low frequency waves, which can pass through water up to a distance of about feet. Tom winked. Bud assumed a humorous look of superiority. How about the Eye-Spy camera?

Five seconds later a clear view of the corridor sprang into focus on the screen. Along came a roly-poly figure, bald-headed and bowlegged, pushing a cart loaded with food. Chow, a happy-go-lucky former chuck-wagon cook from Texas, had met the Swifts while they were constructing an atomic research facility in New Mexico. He had returned to Shopton with them to be chef for the Swifts and culinary expert for the Enterprises plant. Tom panned the camera to keep the cook centered on the screen.

Chow paused every few steps to sample the food from various containers. After each taste he stuck out his tongue and made a horrible face. The boys shook with laughter at the spectacle. After the Texan had delivered the food to the metallurgy department next door, Tom went outside and called him into the photographic lab. Tom interrupted in mock impatience. Tom nodded gravely. The entire sequence of events showed again on the monitor, complete with sound. Bud laughed again. An incoming signal has been detected! He and Bud hastily made their way to the oscilloscope room, which was in the airfield control tower building.

Swift was already present when they arrived. As was characteristic of the space writing, each pictograph was actually a cluster of smaller symbols that showed the relation of the concepts. Tom pointed to one of the sub-symbols. It means something not brought to completion, unfinished. In minutes father and son were agreed on the translation of the message from space:. Swift suggested. Borrowing the notebook of reconstructed translations, Tom sat down at the transmitter and began beaming impulses into space.

Suddenly Mr. Instead of showing the symbols Tom was sending, the scope was acting wildly. Starbursts of light flickered back and forth across the screen. Tom waited a few moments until the flashes died away, then tried once more to send the message. Again the scope exploded into wild flashes of light.

Tom snapped his fingers as an alarming idea occurred to him. Tom examined several instrument readings from the magnifying antenna and shook his head in discouragement. The jamming signals are coming from multiple sources simultaneously, probably a dozen small relay transmitters mounted in vehicles that are on the move. And the message signal looks like a partial reflection from the upper ionosphere. What we received may be just a fragment of the original message, outgoing or incoming.

Sandra Swift and Bashalli Prandit came traipsing in. With a glance at Tom, Bud admitted that he had forgotten to mention the plan. Was it the night at TinCanz when Tom ditched us to go see that gangster? Swift, a slight twitch of a smile on his face, diplomatically excused himself. The boys realized they were being needled. We came here merely to instill guilt. Very good-looking, too, and reputed to be clever conversationalists. The young Pakistani smiled sweetly. Is that my jealousy detector I hear buzzing?

Her face grew sober. Sandy gave Bashalli a reproving look. In fact, Sandy wondered later if her big brother had spoken to their mother during the afternoon, for Mrs. Swift asked them to change their plans and spend the entirety of the evening in the Swift home. Would you mind entertaining your dates here at home just this once? Acton was blond, thin, and anemic-looking. He was dressed in a plaid jacket, wine-red cummerbund, and white flannel trousers, and he wore tinted glasses with thin wire rims. His friend Kelt Price made a somewhat amusing contrast, being short and pudgy with a shock of thick black hair.

Both men were in their late twenties. Swift softly to her husband. The young men had seemed happy about staying at the house when Sandy had requested this. Sandy and Bash glanced at each other. Sandy managed to answer the question without giving a direct reply. But the two Wickliffe engineers soon resumed their probing. But I am curious as to why you asked about that particular invention.

She was sure of it when Ferd Acton stared at her with one eyebrow raised quizzically. But Sandy ignored the hint. Instead, she decided to do a little probing on her own—in a subtle, roundabout way. Before that I was in Europe. How interesting! Acton frowned. After all, Europe is the home of cult- yoor. I find America so crude by comparison. It offers a challenge to my scientific talents. Then again it may be connected with aircraft design—or it may be strictly earthbound.

From his reply, Sandy had the feeling that Acton was secretly making fun of her attempts to gain information. She felt annoyed but knew it would do no good to lose her temper if she hoped learn anything from him. Bashalli seemed to guess what her friend was trying to do. It must be a terrific thrill! Kelt Price gave a shrill chuckle. May I offer you a cigarette? Acton turned toward Bashalli. Sandy excused herself and went to the kitchen to fix plates of ice cream and cake for her guests.

Bash followed to help serve. Bashalli nodded gloomily. But I guess the laugh has fallen on us. When the girls returned to the living room with the dessert, Sandy asked Acton if he had any plans to go back to Europe on vacation. He did not offer to explain what the business might be. He did mention that a river at the spot he was going to was as big as twenty Mississippis and wound through miles of steaming jungles.

And the scent of blood drives them into a frenzy! Bash smiled. Ignoring the comment, Acton went on. An American scientist had a little too much of the bubbly, you know? So he passed out in a canoe and let his hand trail in the water. When he pulled it out, all he had left below the wrist were bones! Acton smirked. Sandra, what time is it? A look of surprise crossed her brow. Rising to her feet, she led the others into the foyer. Though the old clock was always kept well-wound, it had stopped. But what was uncanny, even frightening, was the sight of the heavy cut-glass pendulum.

Rather than hanging down vertically, it was suspended off to one side at the high-point of its arc! Suddenly there came a loud crash. The ornate glass punchbowl had shattered against the ceiling!

What To Expect

Punch dribbled down to the carpet below, but the pieces of glass remained pressed against the ceiling as if held in place by glue. His glasses had leapt from their perch on his ample nose and flown upward, landing like a housefly on the foyer ceiling. His words were cut short as a shrill, distant whine split the air, insistently rising and falling. Accompanied by Acton and Price, the girls rushed through the front door and down the steps.

Through the starry night sky, from the northwest, sailed an eerie, silent object, glowing with all the colors of the rainbow. It was arrowing straight toward Shopton! But Acton and Price, after a quick glance, made a dash for their convertible, which was parked at one side of the drive. Gunning the engine, Ferd Acton sped off into the darkness with a screech of rubber.

Sandy and Bashalli paid little attention to their departing guests. Wide-eyed with alarm, they stared at the streaking menace in the sky. The object did not appear to be a plane, jet, or other kind of conventional aircraft. Inside the oval corona of multicolored light, a darker central object, like a hazy shadow, could be dimly made out. Unlike a rocket or missile, there was no sign of any fiery exhaust. But it seemed to be following a beam of faint, milky luminescence that extended in front and slanted downward like a bridge from sky to earth.

Alerted by the siren, Mrs. Swift had hurried outside and now clung to the two girls. All three were trembling. Second by second the rocket of light drew closer. Swift answered. Swift is on the phone trying to get in touch with the plant right now. She stopped, thunderstruck. Both girls exclaimed in surprise. The guiding ray of light had vanished! The glowing object stopped dead in the middle of the night sky, as if waiting. Then a new sky-trail appeared, curving off toward the southeast. But Sandy and Bash barely had enough time to register this fact. Moving like lightning, the weird craft had flicked across the sky and silently vanished beyond the far horizon.

Swift murmured softly. Rushing back inside, they found Mr. Swift on the telephone talking to Tom. He passed the receiver to Sandy, who held it so the others could hear. As Tom hung up, Bud came rushing into the oscilloscope room, where he and Tom and posted themselves. He was waving several large photographic prints.

Tom examined the prints eagerly. The enhanced photos showed a strange-looking vessel, far different from any missile designed on earth. Cigar-shaped, it had a series of round cuplike protrusions, running from small ones at the nose to large ones at the tail. I thought it was being sent right here to you. Our space friends may have decided on their own to have the rocket continue on toward the Atlantic.

Bud regarded his friend in surprise. The phone rang and Tom scooped it off the hook. Dilling rattled off a set of figures. Tom jotted them down on his desk pad. Thanks, George. Keep contacting all ships, planes, air bases, weather stations, or any other observers who might be able to give us a report. This could be an all-night job. Dilling chuckled wryly. Swift reported. Bud was studying a breaking-news internet site. The message was from a coastwise oil tanker, the Petrol Queen, and told of sighting a strange, meteorlike object in the sky.

This was followed some minutes later by a similar report from a Greek freighter, the Pantheon, bound for Norfolk, Virginia. Both gave latitude and longitude at time of sighting. Tom plotted all three positions on a huge wall map. The course of the rocket immediately became clear. Some were eyewitness accounts of the rocket from planes and ships at sea. Others were second- or third-hand versions relayed by microwave stations and ham operators. All indicated that the mysterious sky traveler had continued along a southeasterly course.

Although the reports trickled in at intervals, this did not reflect the actual times when the sightings were made. Swift noted. As midnight approached, the reports dwindled and nothing more was heard. Bud finally went home to bed, but Tom and his father remained at the plant, sleeping in shifts on their office cots. But no further messages came during the night. Swift mused as he and Tom had a hearty breakfast served by Chow.

The pilot reports that he saw a glowing object plunge into the sea about miles north of the island. It could be way off. Tom copied down the information, thanked Kaye, and signed off. The elder Swift watched with interest as his son plotted the area on their own wall map. Tom turned to look at his father, astonished. Swift marveled. The only connection between these two projects is the involvement of Swift Enterprises. Is it conceivable that our space friends anticipate your upcoming seacopter operation? That they have the ability to actually see into the future?

Swift nodded. As the two sat thinking, the telephone rang with an internal call. Swift picked it up. Something wrong? Tom stood at the window for a moment, looking out over the vast experimental station. Wickliffe knew about the revised destination of the rocket before we did. He may even have suggested it. The determined young inventor turned his attention to the center unit of the diving seacopter, a remaining problem. Tom was not fully satisfied with the performance of the rotor blades in a tank test.

Close examination had revealed hairline cracks in the blades. The blade was slightly more slender and more squared-off on the end than the old version. Tom immediately sent the new design over to Hank Sterling, his chief engineer, a fast and reliable worker and a good friend. Working round the clock, a new set of blades was cast, machined, and installed. Then the rotor section of the seacopter was doused in the pressure tank and a test run off under high speed and pressure.

When Tom checked the blades in the gamma-ray fluoroscope the following day, there was no sign of any crack or flaw. Bud clapped Tom on the back. In the meantime Tom had perfected the scheme for controlling the blade pitch of the improved rotors. Art Wiltessa promised to have the equipment installed and running within two to three days. Great-Grandpa Swift named one of his first inventions, his motor boat, the Arrow. This is kind of a tribute to him. We leave this afternoon! But George and Ham will have to do their archaeological work during the off-hours until we find that space rocket.

By late afternoon the three Ocean Arrow sections had been separately loaded aboard a convoy of special wide-body flatbeds for transportation to a pier Enterprises had rented in Ogdensburg. From there the seacopter would fly up the St. Lawrence River to the Gulf, and then on out into the Atlantic Ocean.

At the pier, large mobile cranes swung the sections of the craft together, and automatic locking bolts and a sealer flange drew the seacopter together into a single watertight unit. The Ocean Arrow was ready and waiting for her maiden voyage! Then they entered through the two topside hatches, George and Ham into Compartment B and Bud and Chow, followed by Tom, into Compartment A, which would normally serve as the main control deck.

Tom waved at his father and Hank Sterling, who stood on the pier, and then turned his attention to the controls. They heard a soft whirring sound, then a thunk! The seacopter crawled down a broad ramp and, without hesitation, continued on into the waters of the St. Lawrence River. There it settled down a ways, floating with the waterline about a foot below the lower rim of the viewpane. Tom nodded. Each individual compartment would float quite a bit higher. The ship began to vibrate as powerful steam turbines started the blades spinning.

The river water was flung upward through the central prop well, and the seacopter lurched downward, the blade pitch adjusting automatically as the blades bit more deeply into the water. Bud cheered as the viewpane was completely submerged. Now he activated the steam jets. With a rush of bubbles the Ocean Arrow shot forward into the river. Bud pulled his seatbelt taut. As they slowed, the seacopter seemed to leap upward and broke the surface. Tom eased one of the control levers forward, and the rotor engines began to sound again.

With the pitch of the blades reversed, the ship mounted up higher and higher on its cushion of downthrusting air, departing from the water completely. After a moment its ascent slowed, and Tom checked a near-range radar altimeter. He opened up the steam thrusters, and in less than a minute the seacopter was jetting along the river at high speed—destination: Atlantis! Bud grinned and nodded, remembering the sight of the vast range of rugged peaks that splits the Atlantic floor in two.

by Thomas B. Costain

Here the Ocean Arrow would be berthed for the night at a dock rented by Swift Enterprises. The arrival of the expedition had purposefully not been publicized, but when the seacopter approached the dock—Tom having set it down on the surface like a conventional marine craft—he was dismayed to see that a small crowd had gathered to watch, though it was well after midnight. The five were greeted effusively at the nearby bed-and-breakfast where they were to stay the night. It fell closer to the Madeiras, our rivals to the south. Alas, they will get the tourists from it, I think.

Bud asked if any others had come to the island in recent days, seeking information about the rocket. Munson Wickliffe, who thought he might meet up with us here. Have you heard of him? The proprietor squinted his eyes and scratched his head. But I tell you what, this man you seek, this Wickliffe—you should ask Professor Taclos. He lives on Madeira, on the sea coast outside Porto do Moniz. He works for, how do I say? Chow snorted. The man shook his head. He has an astronomy-observatory, and much equipment.

He glanced at his companions. By sunrise the next morning, with only a few hours sleep, the five oceannauts were on the move as the Ocean Arrow sped above the waves in the direction of the large stretch of the Atlantic where the subocean search would commence. Reversing the blade pitch, Tom now sent the seacopter diving down into the shadowy turquoise depths. It plunged at a thrilling pace, like an elevator. The view would be tremendous.

Ham gasped in awe as a broad section of the ocean floor became clearly illuminated, as if by strong daylight. After hovering for a time, Tom opened the throttle and the rotors hummed and picked up speed. Again he shoved the control wheel forward. Like a sinking stone, the seacopter plunged downward into the greenish depths. Fascinated, Chow watched the schools of fish that flurried past the windows. There were herring, sea bass, and tunny. At ninety-three fathoms down, the seacopter reached the ocean floor. With the vehicle pressed against the bottom by the action of the rotor-prop, Tom extended the caterpillar treads and they began crawling along the sandy, somewhat mucky, terrain.

Sea anemones with waving tentacles, grasping sea urchins, and five-pointed serpent stars came into view, as well as many other strange, flowerlike creatures. For nearly three hours the seacopter roamed the offshore waters, exploring at various depths. Soon after, the powerful aqualamp search beam revealed the first crags and peaks of the Seamounts. Crossing the peaks, the Ocean Arrow began to descend toward the flat Tagus Plain that bordered the continental slope of Portugal. Now the real search would begin, using a methodical zig-zag pattern that Tom had devised with the help of the two oceanographers, who had already studied the undersea terrain in minute detail.

The search area encompassed an oval region miles long by miles broad. The box-shaped Damonscope had been installed in an open space on the deck just back of the detector, its camera lens pointing downward through a small porthole. Tom pushed a button and the Damonscope began to whir softly. Then he switched on the metal detector and carefully adjusted several tuning knobs as Bud and Ham watched with keen interest.

At the same time, the indicator needle flickered upward into the frequency range that indicated its probing beam was being reflected back by metal. This whole volcanic basin is dotted with veins of the stuff. Tom kept a wary eye on the monitor screen of the Damonscope, but found no trace of the colored fluorescence that would indicate that they had passed over radioactive material.

In disappointment, the searchers went back and forth from deep to shallow water without a sign of the rocket. Though well aware that they were unlikely to find the space vessel on the first day of searching, Tom could not help becoming frustrated. Using edibles that had been packed on board at Enterprises, the ingenious cook prepared the first meal of the voyage. Braun sniffed at the meat, which was enclosed in frankfurter rolls. Frowning, the oceanographer chewed a small mouthful.

His face relaxed. Now what is it? At that moment the cabin lights dimmed slightly. George glanced up at the lights. But as the minutes passed, the incident stuck in his mind, and the chef began to worry. But there was no response. He called louder. Still no answer. George Braun stared at Chow in alarm.

Something serious may have happened to them! Chow snapped off the intercom. George Braun followed close behind. Panting from the effort of restraining his ample spread, the cook emerged into Compartment A. Tom and Bud were conversing calmly at the controls, as Ham Teller studied the Damonscope screen. The cook scratched his bald head in perplexity. Asking Bud to take over the controls, and grabbing a tool kit from one of the lockers, he quickly checked the system. Tom gave a wry smile.

His pal finished for him. Maybe our friendly local weatherman can tell us something about the Wickliffe boys. The seacopter surfaced for the first time in many hours and headed south on its cushion of air. The sun was a huge orange ball dipping low in the west when they finally came in sight of Madiera. Tom cruised in a wide arc at some distance from the shore until he had made arrangements with the authorities to land near the town of Porto do Moniz.

Finally he received approval to dock in a small cove outside the city limits, where the Ocean Arrow would be somewhat hidden from public view. But the arrival of the strange-shaped, crimson craft was evidently seen by some of the inhabitants of nearby farms and plantations. Several islanders came strolling down the hillside to investigate. Flashing white-toothed grins, they began to chatter excitedly in a mixture of Portuguese and island dialects. Tom eyed them with a rueful smile. He talked to them—partly in elementary Portuguese and partly in sign language—and after handing out a few coins and posing for photos with various children, finally persuaded them to leave.

The voyagers spent what was left of the daylight in exercising, strolling about, and enjoying the fresh air. At suppertime, to their amazement, the local men returned, carrying armloads of bananas, melons, and vegetables which they forced on the visitors. It proved to be beyond the town in the opposite direction. The pale light of dawn quickly turned golden. There were also a good many bicycles and motor-scooters darting about, which made their trek through the streets an exercise in nimble footwork.

Chow pointed at a man on horseback. Even Tom found the relaxed atmosphere enticing. The three ambled along ever more slowly, taking in the sights. As they left they sauntered past the open-air stalls that lined the street. Some displayed fresh beef and vegetables ; others offered purplish drinks and ice cream made from the fruit of the assai palm, imported from the Cape Verde Islands to the south. Suddenly Bud, in the lead, stopped before a stand where a fat woman in island garb was selling hand-woven baskets, painted gourds, and other local curios.

He pointed to a curious green stone carved in the shape of a turtle which lay on the counter. What a present to take home to Sandy! She nodded. Alas, is not for sale. Bud frowned. It belong to the warrior women many years ago, when the world was young. This special green stone is now found only under the sea. Come to think of it, Ham Teller said some scholars connect it to the Atlantis myth.

She was Basque, from the Pyrenees. On his back was the stone tower of Yonahbol, the witch-woman, who lived there with her thousand slaves, all of them strong, beautiful men. But he cannot die, no more than she, so they live there still. The name of the turtle is Ybalon-tquie, or as they say it now, Atalantee. That is the true story. Bud dug in his pocket and pulled out some coins.

Kneeling down, he spread them out on the wooden plank that she had across her knees. The woman shook her head vigorously. Bud took out a dollar bill and laid it with the coins, but again she shook her head. He kept adding money but still she refused. Reaching into his pocket, he took out a fake pearl necklace and several sparkling trinkets. The woman blushed and smirked. Here—take the piedra verde. In old days, the strong warrior woman give this to the man she love best—just as I now give this to you. The woman beamed and smiled, bending close to Chow as if she were about to kiss him.

The former chuck-wagon cook took the carved stone and backed away nervously, handing it to Bud. Tom had turned the turtle-stone over and was carefully examining its underbelly in the light. Tom held up the stone so Chow could read what was inscribed on it. Tom and Bud broke into loud laughter, which Chow readily joined. Approaching the edge of a sheer cliff that overlooked the ocean, they sighted an old, rambling structure built in the style of a hacienda.

Wooden stairs led down the side of the cliff to a small pier, where a large, flat-bottomed boat, like a houseboat but much bigger, was docked. Tom noted that its roof bristled with electronic antennas of various types. As they approached the house, a sound like a creaky hinge made them pause. After a moment a pair of men appeared from behind the house. They had their backs to the Swift party and were walking toward the cliff stairs. Looks just like the description.

Bud acted instantly, without thought. He began sprinting toward the two at top speed. The pounding of his feet on the gravel alerted the men, who spun around and reacted with surprise and alarm, redoubled when they saw Tom Swift standing further back. The men were already close to the stairs. Before he could reach the fleeing figures they were already clattering down the rickety steps to the beach below. The men paused at a landing some distance down. Kelt Price looked up defiantly. In moments the boat had puttered out to sea.

The three returned to the front of the decrepit structure and knocked. After several tries, a deeply tanned young man opened the door. He was about twenty years old and wore a comfortable-looking white cotton shirt and trousers. But he is not at home. I am Raca, his, as you say, servant.

Acton and Mr. Raca seemed to relax a bit. Regrettable that you were not here in time. Trying to get something for their efforts, Tom decided on a random shot. I will show you where. He pointed to a spot between Madiera and the Horseshoe Seamounts and read off the coordinates. Perhaps you could meet with them there, in a boat. Glumly the three made their way back through town, heading toward the cove. But Tom would not countenance such an aggressive approach.

They have the right to try to reach the object. And I noticed that there were no pencil marks on the chart near that point. Bud began to voice his agreement, but suddenly Chow brought them to a stop. They stood at the entrance to a high-sided cove. The gentle surf washed over an empty beach. Bud pointed. Chow tried to be reassuring. You said Teller knew how to work the controls, Tom. Even as Chow spoke, rain began to fall.

Look at that lightning out there. Conditions deteriorated by the second. Already dense, wind-whipped rain was stinging their faces. Plumes of water poured into the cove from the cliffs that loomed on three sides. But a cry from Bud drew their attention seaward. A huge wall of water was sweeping toward them! They must find refuge!

The surrounding cliffs were too steep-sided, and already too slick with mud, to aid them. Shouting over the wind, Tom pointed to a line of tall palms twisting and fluttering a hundred feet further back. Chow looked incredulous. The boys and Chow frantically clambered up the trunks of the thin, towering palms as best they could.

They had not yet reached the fronds at the top when the enormous wall of water charged up the beach and hit the trees with the force of a bulldozer. The wind increased to a roaring shriek that whipped them far over at an angle. The tree to which Tom was clinging bent almost double under the blast. As the angry waters swirled and foamed around it, he wondered tensely if the tree would be uprooted and he would be thrown into the raging stream! The rotund cowpoke had been unable to climb up more than a few feet when the tsunami hit. Foam surged around him and over his head. He was completely immersed in the wild, roiling river of sea water.

The boys lost sight of him. A minute later they blanched. Desperately Tom and Bud watched the wall of water roll inland. Their muscles ached from the strain of holding onto the serrated tree trunks. Tom turned his face in the direction Bud was looking. The Ocean Arrow could be seen a thousand yards out at sea, beating its way forward through the gale. Would they see the stranded trio? And were the pilots friendly or hostile? At the risk of losing their grip, the two waved frantically. At first it appeared as if the seacopter pilots, seen only dimly behind the viewpane, might fly past the cove without noticing them.

But presently the ship turned and swooped up the cove toward the palm trees, its cushion of air flattening the rushing waves. But the flanking strip of palm bark that Bud was resting his weight on suddenly ripped loose, and the young pilot plunged down into the surf. Heedless of danger, Tom leapt in after him. The direction of the current had now reversed, and the invading waters had begun to withdraw. Tom thought in a frenzy of desperation. Suddenly he hit up against a soft, bulky object that blocked his helpless slide.

Maintaining his grip on Bud, Tom was able to hold his position as the water level fell away around him.