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Bertrice Small brings history to life through indomitable women who live with wit, intelligence, and courage and who love with fierce delight. Now she sweeps us to a time and place of fiery power struggles, where one woman holds the key to a country' Jasmine had been forced into marriage twice. Rebelling at King James' decree that she wed Jemmie Leslie, fifth earl of Glenkirk, she fled to France with her children.

But her youngest, the illegitimate offspring of Jasmine's hot-blooded lover, Prince As fierce and indomitable as any man, Isabelle of Langston rules the family lands with an iron hand after her father's death. But the brazen beauty meets her match in Hugh Fauconier, bold knight and rightful Saxo Scandalizing all of England, Henry has his marriage annulled, for the Queen cannot meet the bawdy desires of the insatiable king.

Henry s Britain AD, Beautiful, headstrong, and defiant, Cailin Drusus possesses the strength and pride of her Celtic-born mother, Skye O'Malley's glorious granddaughter follows her destiny from India to England From the palaces of pashas in seventeenth-century India to the scandalous court of James Stuart of England, one woman struggles against fate to find true l Set in Wales, this details the adventures of a Welsh lass of high degree who will suffer various physical humiliations and have two husbands, one of whom changes shape when occasion demands. Quite beautiful Wynne has refused offers of marriage i The year is To the ivory palaces and harems of the East comes the exquisite Valentina, driven by destiny, heritage Not even at the illustrious Court of Queen Eliza Embarking on a dangerous secret mission for Queen Elizabeth, beautiful, indomitable Skye O'Malley and her noble husband Adam de Marisco must leave behind their lovely, year-old daughter Velvet.

They have no fears for the safety of their youngest c Blaze Wyndham. The ravishing beauty who came to the lavish and lustful court of Henry VIII to become the mistress and confidante of the most powerful man in England.

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Although he demanded her surrender with all the awesome power of his position, the K It was a time of savagery, splendor and undying love! From the golden pleasure domes of Constantinople to the barbaric pomp of Malcolm of Scotland's court, this is the magical tale of ravishingly beautiful Mairin of Aelfleah, called Enchantress b Known as the handsomest man at court, he has been seducing and abandoning wenches and royal ladies alike, until he meets She's raven-haired and green-eyed Her beloved children, for whom she will sell herself in marriage Her dear friends i Her deep gray eyes, silky raven hair, magnificent body, and astonishing beauty rival the qualities of her legendary ancestor Cleopatra, and indeed, at her birth, her stars proclaim she will be lucky--and very a Miranda -- Strong-willed.

Unconquered -- when she's forced to marry a stranger to keep her home -- even though it's clear he's the only man for her Unconquered -- when a savage Crimean slave breeder sees her golden There has never been a woman like Skye O'Malley With ebony hair, blue eyes, silken skin, and a luscious body, she is a hot-tempered vixen made for love. Courageous and wise, mistress of a mighty fleet, shrewd overseer of vast wealth, and both frie Her mahogany hair and violet eyes captivated young Prince Murad the moment he saw her in a convent garden, and their love flowere A story of unbounded love that sweeps from the snowy Scottish Highlands to the exotic pleasure domes of Constantinople to sultry, intrigue-ridden Naples Abducted from a life of privilege, she was sold into slavery in a distant land.

For Lady Janet Leslie, there would be no escaping the harem of the wealthy and powerful Sultan Selim. But from the moment the handsome ruler spied his breathtaking "Cyra, We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB. By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies per our User Agreement. Book List: 60 titles. The Silk Merchant's Daughters - 3. The Silk Merchant's Daughters - 2. The Silk Merchant's Daughters - 1. Bond of Passion. The Border Chronicles - 6. Guilty Pleasures.

The Pleasures - 6. The Border Vixen. The Border Chronicles - 5. Passionate Pleasures. The Pleasures - 5. Crown of Destiny. World of Hetar - 6.

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The Border Lord and the Lady. The Border Chronicles - 4. The Shadow Queen. World of Hetar - 5. The Captive Heart. The Border Chronicles - 3. Dangerous Pleasures. The Pleasures - 4. The Sorceress of Belmair. World of Hetar - 4. The Border Lord's Bride. The Border Chronicles - 2. Sudden Pleasures. The Pleasures - 3. The Twilight Lord. World of Hetar - 3. A Dangerous Love. The Border Chronicles - 1.

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Forbidden Pleasures. The Pleasures - 2.

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A Distant Tomorrow. World of Hetar - 2. The Last Heiress. The Friarsgate Inheritance - 4. World of Hetar - 1. The Friarsgate Inheritance - 3. Private Pleasures. The Pleasures - 1. The Dragon Lord's Daughters. Zuleika and Her Barbarian. Until You. The Friarsgate Inheritance - 2.

The O'Malley Saga - The Friarsgate Inheritance - 1. The Awakening. Just Beyond Tomorrow. The Duchess. Mastering Lady Lucinda. A Memory of Love.

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The O'Malley Saga - 9. The O'Malley Saga - 8. The Innocent. Darling Jasmine. The O'Malley Saga - 7. The Love Slave. Love, Remember Me. Wyndham Saga - 2. To Love Again. Wild Jasmine. The O'Malley Saga - 6. And there's not a single man on Earth that can make me think otherwise. The only problem is that I hadn't factored in men from other planets Words: 9, Published: January 7, by Gabriella Mahoney. Book 3 of the Katrina Warren Trilogy. Murray and his hybrid pirates have captured our airship and imprisoned my crew.

I may be heartbroken but my spirit is still intact. If Scott were still here he would have been disappointed if I had given up so easily. My loyalty was to Scott and no one else. I will not let Murray have the pleasure of seeing us go down without a fight. Published: November 20, by Gabriella Mahoney. Book 2 of the Katrina Warren Trilogy. Captain Griffin knew my secret.

Published: July 2, by Gabriella Mahoney. Book 1 of the Katrina Warren Trilogy. My plan was simple: pose as a cabin boy on board an airship. Little did I realize how ill-prepared my careful book learning had left me. And no amount of common sense could explain my wild headlong tumble into love with the savage Captain Griffin Words: 8, Published: December 15, by Gabriella Mahoney. I'm an introverted, gamer-geek librarian.

Which is pretty much the perfect recipe for modern-day spinsterhood. I just want to find a guy that is willing to sometimes talk about things other than gaming. Someone who has dreamy brown eyes and reads science fiction. Someone like that man who just walked into my library Published: July 11, Constance Grady is a woman tainted by association. Too introverted to attempt navigating the marriage market, Constance's only hope is to join a convent.

But these carefully laid out plans become overturned when Constance accidentally stumbles into a back-ally deal going sour. She is taken as a hostage and her only hope of escape now lies in the hands of a handsome criminal Words: 13, Published: April 21, Letitia Grady is smart, beautiful, rich No respectable man would risk his reputation offering for a woman tainted by association. However, there is nothing respectable about Sir Randall Scott.

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Published: April 24, Words: 54, Published: December 14, Words: 14, Published: December 10, Part 2 of the Island Temptress story. The island village has burned to the ground and the natives are left to assume that Stephen Garrott is to blame. But Stephen knows that there is more to this than meets the eye. He must find a way to help these people rebuild before the winter storms arrive while protecting the woman he loves from a man bent on destruction. Words: 52, Published: November 28, A collection of four historical romance novelettes by Gabriella Mahoney.

Words: 15, Published: November 10, Part 1 of the Island Temptress story. The dashing Captain Stephen Garrott has never known bad luck until the fateful day his ship is attacked and run ashore by French privateers. His crew is dead and he is stranded on an island full of savages. With his uncertain fate hanging in the balance the last thing he expects to find is the woman of his dreams Published: May 2, Book 5 of the Heart of the Highlands Series.

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Spring has finally arrived and the enormous task of repairing Castle Carinben has been set squarely on Malcom Grant's shoulders. Being only an apprentice when his teacher died, it is a task he feels woefully under-qualified for. He needs help and the last place he expected to find it was from a beautiful woman hailing from the rival Campbell clan Words: 10, Published: March 6, Book 4 of the Heart of the Highlands Series.

The time for battle is at hand. Doug MacKinloch's sword skills give his enemies a reason to fear him. With women clamoring for his bed he is a man used to winning. But he finds himself completely unprepared for his encounter with Melanie Keir. He thought to have forgotten his long-ago childhood playmate and yet his heart seems to feel otherwise Published: February 5, Book 3 of the Heart of the Highlands Series.

Payton Reid has no reason to trust women. Especially the woman that broke into his forge to steal his tools He has every reason to turn her in yet the information that she knows could stop the attacks on the MacKinloch clan. But will his clan be the only thing Payton ends up saving? This short novelette is approximately 11, words. Published: January 14, Book 2 of the Heart of the Highlands Series. Cora Rosach's exceptional healing abilities are put to the test when the man she loves is dropped at her front door after being attacked by a raiding party.

To her horror, she discovers that he doesn't remember her at all.

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  • Will her love be strong enough for the both of them? This short novelette is approximately 10, words. Published: December 4, Book 1 of the Heart of the Highlands Series. Years of war and occupation have left the MacKinloch clan in ruins. The old laird is dead and Alec is left to inherit little more than a broken down castle and a marriage contract to a woman he has never seen. Little does he realize that that his new bride has some ideas of her own Words: 16, Published: September 16, Albert Halton is young, ambitious doctor with a promising career ahead of him.