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Vivia Nihar

But it appears to have been handled by the director with a blunt approach. This surreal shift rather diminishes the weight of the movie, instead of adding value. The background music and songs also fail to leave a mark. There was plenty of scope to make the songs more dynamic along with the dance sequences that accompanied it, in order to make the movie worth being remembered. To sum up, it can be said that it is not possible to buy art and a balanced output of cinematic excellence just with opulence and big budget Rather what is required for the success of a venture of this kind is a further deep insight and a spirited execution which is pitifully missing here.

Sunday, 21 October And most of such releases, barring a few, are lapped up by the box office. One must congratulate director Amit Ravindernath Sharma for ensuring that the portrayal of the drama is not over done, as is the case with most of the commercial formula movies. The sequences move in a plain matter-of-fact mode smoothly presenting the dilemma of a middle class family, as a mother of two highly grown up sons is found to have become pregnant at the age of The underlying humour of the situation is effectively handled in the film.

The essence of the theme lies in how the bewildered members of a family who initially spurn the situation arising out of the pregnancy of the mother at her advance age, later realize that there is nothing to be embarrassed about it and accept it heartily. The movie is all about this attitudinal transformation.

Nihar Suthar (Author of The Corridor of Uncertainty)

Neena Gupta as Priyamvada Kaushik, the mother, and Surekha Sikri as the mother-in-law display an exquisite degree of maturity in handling their roles. It may be said that the perfect character portrayal by these two actresses alone makes this movie worth being viewed. Another aspect of the movie which deserves a special mention is the screen play.

The realistic dialogues befitting the situational needs of the characters by Akshat Ghildial infuse life into the movie. One only hopes that the songs and background music could have been as supportive. Although the narrative moves at a slow pace, it does not adversely affect the audience engagement, and rather keeps the viewer amused from the beginning till the end. It however appears that the director could not resist the temptation to insert a bit of commercial sensation by resorting to an overt display of physical intimacy between the two lovers played by Ayushmann Khurana and Sanya Malhotra.

It perhaps could bring embarrassment to the unsuspecting family who sits together to watch the film. Monday, 3 September The movie 'Gold' marks the exploration of a historical perspective to create an exquisite cinematic masterpiece. The sequences move at a medium pace, taking due care to steer clear of temptations to indulge in an over-statement.

Though it can conveniently be put in the category of a semi-historical drama, the dramatic element is however not so emphatic. The film is inspired by Indian hockey team's aspirations to win the Gold as a free country for the first time in the Akshay Kumar deftly handles the role of the junior manager of the hockey team of the "British India" which scored a historic 38 goals, to defeat the hosts Germany in the Summer Olympics. The plot then moves ahead around the theme of the principal character Tapan 's dream of repeating the same feat in the Olympic Games after the Independence of the nation, as a team of the free India.

The director however tries to bring in certain complications and villainy here and there to sustain the element of suspense and drama. But such a dramatic element is not the crux of the film.

REAL WEDDING: Shivani + Nihar

Nevertheless the excitement from the beginning to the end of the movie centers round the patriotic zeal of the audience. All the lead actors do a fair amount of justice to their roles to make the narrative move smoothly forward. Mouni Roy in her role as the wife of Tapan Akshay Kumar delivers the typically traditional glamour of an Indian wife in a subtle manner.

The lyrics of Javed Akhtar coupled with the distinctive music of Sachin-Jigal and the background drum beats provide valuable thematic support to the sequences. The settings of the British India have been very carefully recreated to suit the historicity of the story.

Sunday, 19 November The film unfolds with a laudable promise to explore the predicaments of a middle class couple to come to terms with demands of life. Their immediate crisis is to make both ends meet, for a decent survival. This exploration leads to many a comic situation, lending the movie the stamp of a comedy drama.

This is enough to keep the audience, composed mostly of the middle class masses, glued to their seats throughout the length of the film. Bur alas, there has to be story to enable it to enter the club of feature films. So there is one. And this seems to be the spoil sport of what otherwise could have been a delicate and appealing account of a theme.

Little Nihar Series

Vidya Balan, with her characteristic mature handling of the role of Sulu, carries the weight of the film on her shoulders, so as to render it a presentable identity. The real accomplishment lies in portrayal of the underlying pathos in the outwardly placid normalcy of the middle class life. There is mirth and laughter, but with an undercurrent of unease. The couple explores the alternatives for means of a good livelihood by weighing all the options, such as running a taxi service and supplying lunch boxes. But finally when the Sulu lands a job of Radio Jockey, the contradictions between a professional and personal life become more glaring.

Janga was given the privilege of attending Cowboys' practice, where the Austin resident was finally able to meet his idol. While meeting Bryant was certainly a thrill, that wasn't even the entirety of Janga's special day. The fan also got to join in on some stretching workouts with the team, before also participating in a press conference with head coach Jason Garrett.

We got Dez sending Nihar, spelling bee champion, through some sit and reach exercises! Janga said meeting his idol and visiting the team was better than winning the Spelling Bee. And, according to the two-time Pro Bowler Bryant himself, the feelings were completely mutual. You can tell, he's an extremely hard worker.

He's a beast at what he does. By Joanie Connell. Discovered by Player FM and our community — copyright is owned by the publisher, not Player FM, and audio streamed directly from their servers. Highlights: Q: What do you do at Gossamer? It can be overwhelming for one person to interpret it. He studied computer science and math and minored in psychology in colleg They build powerful and intuitive technology for financial advisors.

He has nearly 15 years of experience designing and building successful technology so Alex shares the story of his transformation from being a quiet engineer to becoming a communicative leader. He also shares his insights on inclusion and describes how he is supportive of women in tech.

Pulling Your Hair Out: Conversations About The Writing Process

Being inclusive is key for Alex and he shares why. He is als Lisa Kaczmarczyk is an award-winning computer science researcher, educator and book author. She provides independent evaluation services for academia and the hi-tech industry. These evaluations are used as evidence of project viability to secure funding from grant agencies and investors.

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