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Content Protection. Learn More. Flag as inappropriate. It syncs automatically with your account and allows you to read online or offline wherever you are. Please follow the detailed Help center instructions to transfer the files to supported eReaders. Continue the series. See more. Longarm Longarm Sets the Stage. Longarm meets some actors studying their lines—of fire! Down in Tombstone, Arizona, some uppity types get together every payday for some invitation-only poker at a fancy-schmancy hotel.

But one night, an actor in bellhop duds stages a massacre. Soon after, it happens again at another R. In exchange for private services rendered, he gets himself some stage lessons from the ironically-named actress Modesty—and sets the scene for bringing a lead curtain down on the killers.

Longarm Longarm and the Devil's Bride.

Robes De Chambres Et Peignoirs

But following her trail takes him through the plains and straight to where rancher Grant Stockton is waiting. Longarm Longarm and the Two-Bit Posse. Longarm is caught in the crosshairs of a contract killer! When Marshal Custis Long busts a man and woman in a sex-and-blackmail scam, he stumbles on a big break in another case. He grudgingly accompanies the felons on a trip to draw out the culprit—accompanied by a prim, proper, and pretty prison matron. Longarm Longarm and the Boys in the Back Room. Especially one who arrives with a hand on his holster and a chip on his shoulder. So the feds send in lawman Custis Long. Ebooks and Manuals

Apart from two very welcoming young widows, the locals resent Longarm—they prefer doing things their own way, legal or otherwise. Longarm Longarm and the Comstock Lode Killers. Still, folks are buying mining shares by the linear foot.

Sounds like a scam to Longarm. Especially when stock investors start disappearing. And since the killers are expecting another solo act, Billy sets Custis up with a partner. But he never said anything about a woman…. More in western. Incident at Coyote Wells. Paul Lederer. In the barren Sonora desert, a thirsty drifter makes a promise to a dying man Fresh out of jail, John Magadan sets out for the oasis of Coyote Wells. When he finds the spring dried up, he knows he will likely die. He trudges on, and hears a voice calling from the sands—a gutshot man pleading for water that John does not have to give.

John agrees, even though he sees no chance of making it there alive. He survived the desert, but the trip to Yuma will be deadly.

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Josh Banks and Wage Carson rode here in search of work, but they found the settlement dried up and blown away—the silver mine empty and the population gone with it. Josh wants to take what supplies they can and move on out into the desert, but Wage has a grander idea. The town has been abandoned, and that makes it theirs to own. He elects Josh mayor, appoints himself sheriff, and the town is alive again.

Welcome to Hangtown—population: 2.

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But soldiers and gunmen follow close behind, and this two-man hamlet becomes the flashpoint for bloody conflict. Louis L'Amour.

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