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6. The Whisperers are as deadly as Negan

Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Phase One by Rose Wynters. If you're reading this letter, you're one of the survivors from the zombie apocalypse. Take care, or you won't last for long. I'm 18, and I just graduated this year. I didn't get to enjoy it, though. I was working at the grocery store as a checkout A letter found on the clear glass case of the only gun shop in Pleasant, LA Hello, My name is Tabitha Alexander.

I was working at the grocery store as a checkout girl, when the first zombie slammed into the clear glass.

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I'll never forget the fear that washed over me at the sight of his red, hungry eyes. That night marked the loss of my innocence And my freedom. Now, my life is something different. No longer can we take the basic things for granted, not to mention our lives. The zombies destroyed our entire town that first night, including the family of the college guy I had a crush on. We were able to save him, but he's not the same.

He's different, but so am I. Our numbers are extremely small, but the humans have united. A new group of survivors is emerging in this nightmarish world And we aren't afraid to fight dirty, if it ensures our survival. We had to leave Pleasant in order to save our lives. We barely made it out alive. These zombies are entirely different than the ones from television. They are fast, preternaturally strong, and even aware. They used that awareness to discover our small group of survivors.

Without Kellan, we'd be dead right now, wandering the streets of Pleasant. Kellan is something completely different than any man I've ever seen before. He's too powerful and too controlled to ever be anything like the average male. I can't explain him, but I'm glad he's on our side.

Heaven help us all, if he ever decides we're not worth the effort. He's taken us to his home outside of town, if the massive fortress can be considered that. It's large enough for many more than us, self-sustaining should we be forced to remain behind the high fence. There's something strange about the way he was so prepared for the zombie apocalypse, but it's not my place to question it. I've learned that Kellan doesn't enjoy questions, and he doesn't want anybody getting too close. I'm leaving a handwritten map here in the hopes that there is still someone alive in this town to find it.

God, I hope you are. It feels like we're the only ones left, and it's horrifying Get A Copy. Published May 14th by Smashwords first published May 8th More Details Territory of the Dead 1. Other Editions 2. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Phase One , please sign up.

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2. By granting Carl’s wish, Rick ushered in a new era

Sort order. Geared for young adult readers, this introduction to Ms. Great dialogue, a group of unique characters, who we will get to know better as the series goes on, Rose Wynters nailed the interaction between these kids wonderfully without splashing gore from page to page as the zombies are on the march and those still alive must fight for every minute they exist. I think if we stick with Tabs we should be okay! I received this copy as part of Rose Wynters' tour stopping at Tome Tender. Phase One: Identify by Rose Wynter's is another zombie book. The writing and characterizations were above average.

Wynters writes a good story. I was disappointed towards the end where it turns out this is a serial publication. It would be nice to read the whole story without month dragging by for another piece of the tale. The beautifully illustrated cover, storyline of a zombie apocalypse, and excerpt I read enticed me to give this series a try, and by the time I finished I knew this was a series I would continue.

Phase One: Identify is a novella of approximately 86 pages that introduces us to a str 3. Phase One: Identify is a novella of approximately 86 pages that introduces us to a strong-willed, kick-butt protagonist, Tabitha or Tabs, and the rest of her small group that bands together to figure out how they are going to survive when the world as they know it comes crashing down all around them. As an adult reading the book, it was clear to me that Wynters kept her targeted young adult audience in mind as she developed the plot. The writing style and casual voice are geared for juvenile readers.

Furthermore, she does a good job of depicting the horrors of zombie attacks without the gory details that may be too frightening for younger readers. The story starts off a bit slow but helps us get to know Tabitha and her outlook on life. Just like most young adults starting their lives, she yearns for adventure, and definitely wants more than the monotony of working as a cashier in a small town grocery story.

Little does she know, change is literally right outside the door. When the outbreak first occurs, he is a pillar of strength who keeps hope alive when the others are tempted to fall into an abyss of despair. However, as the plot unfolds, the young adults begin to see that his reluctance to act may get them killed. Dan still clings to the notion that the police and military will keep its citizens safe, and he is against the idea of Tabitha carrying a gun for protection.

Although the adults are in charge of making decisions at the start of the story, they begin to take a backseat as Tabitha and Jayden, the twenty-year-old next door neighbor, gather weapons and lead the fight to keep their group safe. They understand that violence is necessary because there is no reasoning with the hoards of blood thirsty creatures slowly surrounding them, ready to attack. The second half of the story is action-packed, intense, and the appearance of the mysterious, bad-ass Kellen toward the end gives Tabitha hope for their survival.

Although Tabitha has been crushing on Jayden for years, she is mesmerized by Kellen from the time she first lays eyes on him. Overall, I found the reading experience enjoyable, but there were some aspects that I found troublesome. When the outbreak begins, Tabitha seems much too calm in telling readers what is happening.

For me, the first part of the book lacked the vivid description I wanted as the drama unfolded. There were a few grammatical flaws, mostly with use of to versus too that over time did begin to bother me, but not enough to interfere with my enjoyment of the story. I knew this was a novella when I started the book, but I was frustrated that just as the story gained momentum and I began to get invested in the plot, I was met with an epilogue.

What disappointed me the most is that the book ended sooner than I would have liked. So, I guess I will just have to patiently wait for the next installment. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review. View all 3 comments. I liked this book. But I forgot to write the review. Here it is, four days later, and I'm having trouble remembering what I liked about the book.

I'm even having trouble remembering much of the story. I remember not setting it down for long, which is always a good sign. I do recall I thought the ending was a little bit of a anti-climax, but it did leave me wanting to read more. Shelves: zombies , december-reading-challenges. In the small town of Pleasant, Louisiana, a young Tabitha is busy day dreaming about her future while she rings up customers in the town's only grocery store, ten minutes before closing. She's recently graduated high school and she's looking forward to the possibility of the rest of her life.

Until all hell breaks loose in the store's parking lot. And smacks its bloody face up against the storefront window. A hell that looks like the reanimated dead, hungry for the living. And they're fast. Well w In the small town of Pleasant, Louisiana, a young Tabitha is busy day dreaming about her future while she rings up customers in the town's only grocery store, ten minutes before closing.

Well written and quickly paced, the story moves swiftly into Tabitha reuniting not only with her parents, but also with her high school crush from next door, and her best friend and her dad. Considering it's the Night of the Living Dead, Tabitha is doing pretty well in the companion department. Plus, she's not whimpering in shock, throwing up in disgust, or doing anything slightly "off.

Gotta love it. The ending leaves the door wide open to the second book in the series. As Buffy, er, no I mean Tabitha and her friends are surrounded and about to become zombie food, a mysterious savior with glittering eyes appears. He was dressed completely in black, and his clothes didn't look cheap. The button down shirt was long-sleeved, but rolled up to his elbows, exposing tanned forearms. He was wearing a shoulder harness with a pistol tucked in one side.

There was also a harness around his waist, with an extremely long pistol hanging partially down his thigh. Leaning over the hood, he aimed his shotgun and started firing. I know this isn't really a comedy, but I had images of Bruce Campbell strutting through my head: Overall, a decent read, but not a series that I would want to pursue. This is a novella so I'm not going to get to in-depth with my synopsis. Basically Rose, aged 18, is working when the zombies hit.

She rushes home to her family, they save a neighbor and meet a mysterious stranger, who is a hardcase but helps them. I love me a good zombie book, this is a novella that is going to have future installments, which makes me happy. Of all the characters, I want to know more about Kellan, the mysterious stranger who seems to know how to handle everything. He is super co This is a novella so I'm not going to get to in-depth with my synopsis. He is super cool and the book leaves you hanging with little information on him. Kudos to the author, who I am sure left it like that so you would want to read the next installment.

I liked the story and will wait patiently for the next book to see where this story goes. Not too bad for a free book on my kindle. A very short book, so hoping there are more to come. Though again, I can tell this series is going to turn out to be a Romance in the times of the Zombies type book. Fun first book in the series, reading the next installment immediately! When someone acts like they are extremely wired on bad drugs and everyone tries to ignore them until you see the blood. Welcome to the zombie apocalypse this is day one May 17, M.

It the beginning of a series, with such few chapters or progress. I also felt like the analogy was too generic, each time they spoke, it felt scripted, repetitive and boring. I'll read the second book, and hope it gets better, if it doesn't, I'm so going to have a BF bitch fit. So playing by the way, not really going or have a BF. This is my first zombie apocalypse story, I'm normally a werewolf or vampire kind of gal. I was thoroughly surprised at how much I did really enjoy it. Rose Wynters had me gripped from the very first page. Phase 1 - Identify, as you can guess this is book one in the series.

The story is the POV of 18 yrs old Tabitha Alexander who had just finished high school and she just wants to enjoy her freedom and have fun during the summer, and beyond that at that point nothing else is planned. That is, unt This is my first zombie apocalypse story, I'm normally a werewolf or vampire kind of gal. That is, until one night, while working her boring job as a checkout girl the world as she knows it comes crashing down and all hell breaks loose. After a couple of minutes her survival instincts kick in and she knows she has to get home, back to her parents, By day two their little group of three becomes a group of six holed up in her parents house thinking their safe from the zombies, until somehow they find them.

They don't know how the zombies know they are in there, but as soon as one starts banging to get in more and more appear. Tabitha takes control and Decides she's not gonna die and starts killing off the dead trying to get in, with the amount of them out there she starts thinking all is lost, until a car comes tearing into her street and a gorgeous man, Kellan gets out promising them safety. I'm not giving away any more spoilers, in fact I think I've given plenty for you to chew on.


Rose Wynters has written this book beautifully it all flows very easily and is not over the top. The book is full of action from the beginning, there is blood and gore which is expected with blood thirsty zombies, but apart from that it's a nice clean read. Rose keeps you on the edge of your seat, and pulled in and gripped to the storyline that you don't want to put the book down, and you need to know what's going to happen next.

I can't wait to get my teeth stuck into the next book. If I could I would give more than the five stars allowed, thoroughly recommend this series. Tabitha just wants to enjoy her summer. She really isn't excited about college and spends her time working as a cashier. Just when a customer has got on her last nerve the horror begins. A bloody person slams into the window. The group begins to burn the bodies of the newly killed zombies. As this occurs, Andrew runs out into the wilderness, to his awaited zombified state.

The group decides to move on to more pressing issues as Andrea calls a meeting. Andrea, with the assistance of Axel, brings out the prison jumpsuits to make into clothes for the other survivors. After the meeting, Tyreese confronts Rick with understanding of his decision to murder Dexter. Along the way, they find the prison's library, in which Allen is nearly attacked. After this takes place, the group splits up, Dale and Tyreese leave one way, while Rick, Axel, and Allen go another.

Along the way, Dale and Tyreese find a massive generator, meanwhile Allen gets bitten on his ankle. The group carries Allen out into the prison courtyard, where Rick proceeds to amputate his leg. Hershel shows up to assist and stops the bleeding. The next day, Rick gets his bandages removed by Dale, and then proceeds to be a comfort for Carol, who unbeknownst to Rick, had just kicked Tyreese out of her cell for having an affair with Michonne.

Rick then gets Lori to try and see how Carol had been taking things and what made the two of them split up. However, instead of a lamenting Carol, they were presented with an overly distraught Carol that had just slit her wrists in front of her daughter Sophia. Rick and Lori proceed to bring Carol to Hershel who would take care of her, and nurse her back to health.

Rick takes it upon himself to bring the sudden turn of events up to Tyreese, whom he finds in the arms of Michonne. Infuriated at the realization that Tyreese had actually cheated on Carol with Michonne, Rick proceeds to blame not only the suicide attempt on him, but his daughter's death on him as well. This results in a fight in which both parties wound up tossed over the second floor of the prison and on to the ground where they proceed to briefly pass out.

Both Tyreese and Rick are awoken by Glenn and Maggie. However, before they can resume their fight, Andrea enters the room to inform the group that Allen had died. Rick proceeds to get up and shoot him before Allen could reanimate. Suddenly, Michonne and Hershel witness Rick blacking out.

Rick woke up the next morning to find Carol sitting above him, the two talk about the current status of the group before she kissed him with much passion. Rick informed her that he would have to tell Lori, and she left just as Dale walked in. Dale tells him that he won't be the leader anymore, and that the group agreed on forming a committee. This committee consists of Rick, Hershel, Dale, and Tyreese.

Rick walks outside to tell everyone he killed Dexter to protect all of them. Don't you get it?! On the next day, the generator is running out of gas. Glenn and Rick are about to go get some gasoline, and they spot a helicopter in the sky that is about to crash. Rick tells Glenn to get a car and they proceed to go into the forest to search for survivors, accompanied by Michonne.

ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!! (Days Gone, Part 1)

They discover the wreckage of the helicopter and multiple sets of footprints: Rick surmises that the possible survivor s were carried away somewhere close by. After following the footprints leading away from the crash site, they found a little town called Woodbury. Suddenly, a gunman tells them to get down, and shoots the zombies.

He says it's their way to deal with safety and that he can show them around. Eventually they are led to an arena and Rick asks why they have an arena filled with chained zombies. The Governor explains it replaced television, and tells them that they feed the zombies with strangers. The Governor's right hand men, Gabe and Bruce , are revealed to be aiming their guns at Rick and the others. The Governor wants to know where they came from but Rick disagrees, claiming that the three of them were on their own. The Governor doesn't fall for Rick's bluff, and Bruce puts Rick's head onto a table.

The Governor tells Rick he doesn't understand the situation, and proceeds to cut off his right hand. Rick proclaims he'll kill the Governor before blacking out. Michonne jumps on The Governor and bites his ear off, but Bruce captures her.

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He tells The Governor to say the word, and he can snap her neck, but The Governor tells him not to. Rick is taken to Stevens , Woodbury's head doctor while Glenn and Michonne are taken into cells. Stevens patches up Rick, and when he wakes up, he tries to attack the doctor. Stevens' assistant, Alice , gives Rick a sedative and he falls asleep. Later, Rick wakes up once again and realizing that Stevens isn't like The Governor, asks what's going on. Stevens explains and says that The Governor is a monster, but he did bring a sense of normality back to the town, and reveals that The Governor's name is Philip.

The man himself shows up and wants Stevens to change the bandage on his ear. Rick and The Governor are having a tense discussion, and the latter says that Glenn told him all about the Prison and in thanks, let him go. He leaves a fearful Rick by implying that he had someone track Glenn's movements back to the Prison, saying that "if he's stupid enough to go there, he'll lead us right to it.

Later, a cage fighter named Harold , wants Stevens to fix him up and asks both Rick and Stevens if they will go see the fight planned later; they both decline. Another fighter named Eugene rushes in, and says Harold knocked his teeth out. Harold apologizes but Eugene says that sorry isn't going to cover it, and stabs him in the neck. Stevens tells Rick to help him stop the bleeding, but it is too late. When asked about what happened, Rick starts to attack him. Later, Rick and Alice are talking about Lori, and their child. They leave, and take Michonne, Alice and Stevens with them. Michonne leaves to deal with The Governor.

As they are leaving the town, Stevens gets bitten by a roamer. He tells Alice to take the supplies he has with him and go on. After escaping, they spend a night in the crashed helicopter. Michonne gets back, and when asked about The Governor, she says she isn't sure if The Governor is dead or not. They then start to head back to the Prison.

When they arrive, Rick discovers that the other survivors had accidentally left the gates wide open for zombies. Glenn, fearful of Maggie's safety, takes their car and drives into the zombies, wrecking the vehicle in the process. Rick and the others go help him, and Rick discovers a zombified Otis. It's assumed Rick shot him. Dale and Andrea discover them from the RV, and Dale tells Rick he saw Otis killed and that Hershel was bitten; the others he can only guess that they made it back inside.

The group manage to carve a path through the roamers and reach the doors leading into A-block. In A-block, everyone is happy to see each other. Hershel confirms that he wasn't bitten, and Carl and Lori are overjoyed to see Rick, but Carl is freaked out from the sight of Rick's missing hand. After explaining to a tearful Lori that it wasn't infected, Rick is told by Tyreese to stay with his family while the others head out to start burning the zombies.

Rick reminds him what their people did to him and Michonne. Rick returns and calls for a meeting. Shortly before the meeting, he tells Lori what he had done and asks her if doing this to protect the group makes him a bad person. At the meeting, Rick tells everyone they have to be ready when the Woodbury people get in the Prison. Weeks after, the group begin to prepare themselves in case The Governor tries to take the Prison.

Almost immediately after Rick's meeting about Woodbury, Dale suggests finding the National Guard station that Woodbury has been getting their supplies from. Eventually Dale and Tyreese convince Rick that finding it is essential for their survival and they take a group out to search for it. While Rick wishes that he could be out there with them, he understands that he is unable to due to missing a hand. While they are gone, Lori tries to tell Rick about her brief relationship with Shane but he stops her, telling Lori that he already knows.

He also acknowledges the possibility that the baby isn't his, saying that his family is "all I have left in this world," and that he understands why she did it. He tells Lori that despite this, "I just can't hear you say it. Rick and Hershel rush Lori into the infirmary where Alice immediately starts to prep Lori. After several hours, Lori gives birth to a daughter who she decides to name Judith. After Rick hears that a roamer was brought within the walls, he furiously goes out to shoot it only to be stopped by Alice who wanted to study one and to potentially develop a cure to fight off the infection.

Also still angry, he allows it to stay on the condition that it's moved further away from the common area. One day, Carol approaches the roamer and allows it to bite her. After she reanimates, she is shot by Andrea and buried next to Allen. Several more weeks pass by and things start to return back to normal. One day, while Rick and Hershel are inspecting the garden, they are shocked to notice big trucks and a tank containing The Governor starting to assemble in front of the Prison's fences.

The Governor and his army begin shooting into the Prison group. Rick tells everyone to get down and Andrea who's up in one of the guard towers is able to pick off some army members. The Governor orders a cease-fire and tells everyone inside the Prison they have a chance to survive by opening the gates for them.

Nothing happens, and he orders the Woodbury army to resume firing. Andrea almost gets a clear shot at The Governor, but fails, because of her helmet. Realizing that the people shooting from the towers were causing many casualties for the army, The Governor angrily tells everyone to retreat. A few of the survivors believe that the Woodbury people are giving up, but Tyreese speculates that they will regroup and eventually be back. Rick stumbles and falls down, and Tyreese discovers he's been shot.

Andrea and Axel are revealed to have been shot during the skirmish as well although not fatally. In the hospital, Rick's family is praying for his life. Alice says she'll need to take a sample of everyone's blood to see who would be a compatible match for a blood transfusion. Patricia confirms she has O-negative blood and Alice tells her to clean Rick's arm and prepare for a transfusion.

Dale convinces Andrea to come with him and take Billy and Ben away from the Prison. He tries to talk Lori into coming with them and let the Woodbury army take the Prison. Lori didn't want to split up again so Dale takes Sophia with him. At the last minute, Glenn arrives and tells Dale that Maggie and himself want to come as well. Michonne and Tyreese leave the Prison in an attempt to ambush the Woodbury army in the woods. Michonne kills two soldiers and disappears while Tyreese gets captured. Rick eventually recovers and is told what happened. Rick believes whereas before they had a chance of surviving; now that half the group has left and Tyreese and Michonne went out to ambush the army, there is little hope.

After trying to fix the place and placing barricades, The Governor brings Tyreese in front of Prison gates. The Governor gives the Prison group two choices; they either let The Governor and his people in to the Prison or Tyreese dies. Rick, Hershel, Alice, Patricia, Axel and Billy, from the tower, can do nothing but watch as Tyreese is decapitated after refusing The Governor's offer. Rick tells everyone that they have to fight or Tyreese died for nothing.

In the Prison, later, Rick tells Lori the news and she angrily lashes out at him for not doing anything. She then leaves to feed Judith. Also, Rick tells Carl the news. He isn't sad, because people die all the time. Rick offers Carl to carry the bag, which includes food and some other supplies. Finally, the Woodbury army arrives for the last time and immediately kills Axel. Hershel and Patricia join Rick in shooting the people from the relative safety underneath the cars.

They are able to kill many more of the soldiers and The Governor, in a fit of blind fury, takes command of Jared 's tank and drives it through the fences. The survivors begin to run and prepare to leave. Rick finds Alice pointing a gun into Lori's head. Alice quickly explains that it was a ruse in case any of the Woodbury fighters caught them. Rick tells them they have to run and hope they will not get shot. Outside, after Patricia and Billy are both killed, Rick discovers Hershel. Rick tells him to get going, but Hershel says to go on without him. The Grimes family starts to run and Alice tries to cover them, but is wounded.

Alice is then personally killed by The Governor. As the Grimes family nears the truck, Lilly , one of the army soldiers, fatally shoots Lori in the back, killing her and Judith. As Lori falls to the ground dead, Rick, with tears in his eyes, keeps running and tells Carl to do the same and not turn back. They change the direction they were going originally, everyone is told to head towards the truck and start to run towards the zombie horde. Hershel is killed by The Governor, and The Governor is killed by Lilly after she realized she had killed a baby.

After Rick and Carl escaped, Carl notices that Lori and Judith aren't with them and tearfully asks where they are. Rick and Carl hug each other as a couple of zombies slowly approach, the Prison lying in ruins behind them. After The Prison assault, Rick and Carl take refuge in an abandoned house, where he falls ill and passes out for several hours, leaving Carl to fend for himself. Eventually he manages to recover, and they later meet up with Michonne. After a long and sleepless night, Glenn and Maggie reach them on horseback.

Glenn is curious why there are just the three of them and Maggie asks where her family is. Rick doesn't say a word and realizing what happened, Maggie starts to cry. They leave the road, and go back to Hershel's farm. Carl runs for Sophia and Dale apologizes to Rick for his previous actions. Later, Carl says to his father that Sophia is crazy. Rick says he can't say that, and to not patronize her. Carl agrees, and Rick goes outside. Dale is with him out there, and says Sophia's only problem isn't sleeping.

He says it's not the undead he's afraid any more. Rick confesses that they should have left with Dale when they had the chance.

The latter tries to cheer him up by saying to not focus on the what-if's and to focus on the now , saying he'd be dead if he stays focused on it. Dale then offers to talk with Rick about dealing with the loss of a spouse. Rick thanks him, saying they can talk about it later. They say they need equipment, and Andrea demands that they drop their guns. They have an argument about the what has happened for the past few months, but Rick is able to diffuse the situation.

Abraham says they're on their way to the capital and that Eugene says he knows how the plague began. After some convincing, everyone accepts Abraham's offer to leave the farm and go to Washington. Before leaving, Rick tells Carl not to trust anyone, even if they seem friendly and safe. They all leave the farm afterwards. While on the road, Rick continually has nightmares over feeling guilty and responsible for the deaths of Lori and Judith. One night, Maggie tries to hang herself and Abraham decided to kill her before she could reanimate, not knowing that she merely blacked out from the attempt.

Rick stops him from killing her and later on, Abraham threatens to kill Rick "the next time you put a gun to my head. The following day, Abraham saves Rick from being killed by a roamer and chides Rick for being careless, earning some scorn from Rick. After stopping to check their map, Rick proposes to Abraham that they make a detour to Cynthiana to check in on Morgan and Duane. Abraham is against it until Rick informs him that he still has keys to the local police station, giving them the chance to secure some ammo and guns.

Abraham eventually agrees and tells the others that him, Rick and Carl will return in a few days Rick refused to leave without Carl. During the first night Rick, Carl and Abraham are ambushed by a gang of bandits. At first the bandits just want their supplies, but one decides to try and rape Carl. Rick attempts to fight back, but is overpowered by one of the bandits.

Rick escapes by biting his captor's neck, releasing him. While Abraham shoots the one guarding him, Rick demands that the one holding Carl be unhurt, growling "he's mine! After the ordeal, Rick learns of Abraham's past and talks with Carl about the things they've both done. The next day, the three arrive in Cynthiana. Rick goes and tries to find Morgan when he is hit from behind with a shovel. He looks and sees Morgan above him. Morgan notices who it is and drops the shovel. Rick asks him what happened and Morgan shows him a zombified Duane chained up in the house.

After hearing how Duane died, Rick offers Morgan to leave with them and go to Washington, handing him a gun to shoot Duane. Morgan instead shoots Duane's chain and agrees to leave with them. After making a trip to the police station and taking the rest of the guns and ammo , the four of them begin to make their way back to the group. Unfortunately on the way back, Rick, Carl, Morgan and Abraham encounter an enormous herd, wrecking their car and forcing them to continue on foot.

Noticing that their current path will lead the herd back to the others, Rick and the others try to lose the herd by keeping them busy at a nearby farmhouse. The attempt fails and the herd follows them back to the group. Rick tells the others they must leave now, but Dale has other plans: Fed up with how Rick always seems to put everyone in danger, Dale wants to stay at a nearby house with Andrea and the twins. Eventually, Andrea convinces Dale that they have to leave with them, much to the latter's disappointment. After meeting back up with the others, Rick and the group continue to make their way to Washington.

While on the road, Ben kills his twin brother, Billy. Abraham says they must kill Ben so he doesn't kill everyone else later. While the idea makes his skin crawl, Rick agrees that it has to be done, angering both Dale and Andrea. Later that night, a gunshot is heard which wakes Rick up, Ben is found dead and both Rick and Glenn the former being the first one on the scene and the latter who was on watch says they didn't see anyone approaching the van, leaving the identity of Ben's killer a mystery.

They soon meet Gabriel Stokes , who says that he can lead them all to his church which is close by. Following a zombie attack later on, Rick tries to humor Dale who is grieving over both Billy and Ben's deaths. Dale curses Rick and walks away. Rick tells Andrea to tell Dale that he is sorry. After learning that Dale has vanished, Rick forms a search party to find him.

Eventually Rick calls off the search for the day and they leave to go in search of Gabriel's church, promising Andrea that they'll get back to looking for Dale the following morning. She asks him whether Gabriel had a hand in Dale's disappearance and Rick mentions that the thought had crossed his mind. Rick and the others eventually arrive at the church. Andrea notices someone watching them from the woods and angrily confronts Gabriel, accusing him of having some part in Dale's disappearance.

Rick joins in and Gabriel tells them his story. The following day, Dale is found dropped off in front of the church, missing his other leg. Rick notices someone in the woods as well. Telling Glenn and Abraham to take Dale to the church, Rick starts shooting towards the forest to provide them with some cover.

Abraham informs Rick that the ones who took Dale are toying with them; he pointed out that while Glenn was shot in the leg it was to wound him, not kill him. Rick asks Dale what he remembers of where he was kept. After forming a search party consisting of himself, Abraham, Michonne and Andrea, Rick has Gabriel lead them to several possible locations where Dale may have been kept.

Rick finds Chris , the leader of the Hunters who took Dale, and after trying to reason with them, leads the others to brutally kill them. Rick and the others return and Dale thanks Rick for leading their group, dying later that night. After burying Dale and reminiscing what he did to the Hunters, Rick says that Carl probably couldn't bear to look at him if he knew what he had done. Rick hears something behind him; he turns and finds Carl tearfully looking at him.

Carl tells his father that he was the one who killed Ben. Several weeks later, Rick is seen looking for supplies with Carl in a nearby town. When they meet up with the rest, he asks Eugene if he could try the radio since they are close to reaching Washington; the latter insists that they should wait at least another day. Rick then tries to take it, which results in a struggle and the revelation that the radio had no batteries inside it.

When pressured, Eugene admits that he was lying the whole time about being a scientist and is attacked by Abraham. That night, Rick and Abraham are approached by Aaron who offers them to join the community he lives at called the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Remembering how friendly The Governor was when he first arrived to Woodbury, Rick knocks out Aaron and has him tied up. After fighting off a small wave of roamers, Aaron asks again if they are interested in going. Only after everyone else agrees with Aaron's offer does Rick finally relent and agree to go, later meeting up with Aaron's partner Eric.

As they are closing in on Alexandria, Rick and his group take part in helping two other residents of the Safe-Zone Heath and Scott , who were out on a supply run, return back safely. Eventually Rick and his group finally arrive at Alexandria. Taken aback by the sense of normality the community has noting to Aaron that he saw something he'd never believe he'd ever see again: smiling and happy children , Rick is taken to see the leader of Alexandria named Douglas Monroe.

After hearing of his past background as a police officer, he makes Rick a constable and officially welcomes him and his group to the Safe-Zone. However when they arrived, Abraham told Rick that it was a little suspicious that their weapons were taken from them and locked away, hinting that something may be a bit fishy with the community after all. Rick decides that this does seem odd, so he sends Glenn to scout the armory and to find a way to get their weapons back.

Rick later learns that one of the other residents, Peter Anderson , has been abusing his wife and son but is told by Douglas that they cannot get rid of him due to him being a doctor. Rick then argues over the importance of how the residents behave before attacking Pete in his home and pulling a gun out on Douglas when he tells Rick he has to leave. Michonne attacks Rick from behind and has someone confiscate his gun.

Rick looks up at her and realizes what he's done. Shortly afterwards, an angry and vengeful Pete tries to kill Rick but ends up killing Douglas' wife Regina instead, leading Rick to shoot him after Douglas gives him permission to do so. After the funeral of Scott, Regina and Pete, Douglas relinquishes control of Alexandria to Rick, saying that he is no longer fit to run the community.

During this time, Pete's widow, Jessie Anderson , moves in with Rick and the two start a relationship with each other. During a routine sweep of the perimeter, a herd of roamers are seen approaching the Safe-Zone, prompting Rick to initiate the community to help fend off the herd.

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When they later break through the walls of the Safe-Zone, Rick is seen killing zombies alongside his friend Morgan, who is bitten on the arm during the assault. Later, when he and Michonne took Morgan to Rick's place, Dr. Denise Cloyd arrives to stop the bleeding.

He wants everyone to escape, and come back for the others once they are safe. Everyone except Maggie and Sophia, and later Denise, agree to leave. Rick employs the technique he used with Glenn earlier in Atlanta; rubbing zombie guts on themselves to mask their scent from the roamers, so they'll ignore them. They get out, but Ron unknowingly attracts the roamers to him, causing him and Jessie to get eaten by zombies. As she's being devoured, Jessie is still grabbing Carl's hand and to prevent Carl being eaten, Rick apologizes to her and cuts off her hand. Douglas, who had resigned himself to be eaten by roamers, suddenly begins to haphazardly shoot the roamers as they approach him.

As he is overtaken by them, he fires his gun and accidentally shoots Carl in the head, destroying his eye and taking out a chunk of his face. Rick takes him to Denise and tearfully asks her to save his life. After several grueling minutes, Denise is able to stop Carl's bleeding.

Rick goes out and attacks the herd head-on; this, in turn, inspires others to come out and join him. After killing a good number of roamers, Michonne tells him to go to Carl and they'll deal with the rest. When he arrives, Denise tells Rick that Carl is alive but is currently in a coma. After she leaves, Rick promises Carl that he knows how to turn Alexandria into a fortified community and will do everything he can to make it an overall better place for him and all the other residents.

During the aftermath of the herd invasion, Rick is mainly seen with Carl by his bedside and eventually Carl coughs. Rick is excited about that but Denise informs that it didn't mean anything. Andrea offers Rick to come over to her house to eat, which makes Rick grateful for her.

Suddenly, Denise tells Rick that Carl is waking up. Rick is happy to see his son alive, until Carl asks where his mother is. Rick doesn't answer yet and just hugs him. Outside, Rick asks Denise what he should tell Carl regarding his mother. Denise becomes speechless. Later, Rick tells Carl about what happened to Lori and Judith.

Carl doesn't remember Judith, but notes he's sad about their death. Rick is surprised he remembers Jessie and Ron. Carl asks if he can go to sleep, and Rick says he can. Rick replaces Glenn, when a group of survivors goes to scout the immediate area for provisions. Later, he is found by Andrea crying in an office room. When asked what's wrong, he tells her that Carl isn't the same and while talking to him, he saw no chance of his son ever being a little kid again.

Rick goes on to tell her that he doesn't feel like he can act within a normal community anymore and with everything that's happened, it feels like he died a long time ago. Andrea disagrees, leading her to comfort him with a kiss. A few weeks later, Rick is told that Abraham, during a scouting run with Michonne, was being held hostage by a stranger. The man introduces himself as Paul Monroe and offers to establish a trade system with their respective colonies. Rick has him knocked out and held in the infirmary. After talking with both Aaron and Andrea, Rick decides to go with Paul to see the community the latter belongs to and takes Michonne, Glenn, Andrea and unknowingly Carl with him.

There, he is shown around and introduced to Gregory. Another resident of the colony, Ethan , returns from a failed mission where all of his companions were killed except for himself and a woman named Crystal. Ethan then tells Gregory he has a message for him and stabs him. Rick tackles Ethan to the ground and in the struggle cuts his throat, while the rest of the residents stare at him, shocked. Later, Paul tells Rick, Glenn, Andrea and Michonne about a wandering band of killers that both protect and terrify the residents of Hilltop known as The Saviors.

Carl asks if they would be willing to trade with the Safe-Zone if they helped eliminate the Saviors, an idea which Rick agrees with. After some time, Rick is called to see Gregory and discusses the idea with him as well. Afterwards, it seems as if both Gregory and Paul agree with the plan and send Rick's group back to the Safe-Zone with some supplies. Although Michonne is upset by the idea, Rick says that it'd be worth it, saying "We've been surviving in order to reach this moment; where we can stop surviving and start living.

As they return from Hilltop colony back to the Safe Zone, Rick's group is ambushed by a group of the Saviors. After threatening the group and subsequently killing them, Rick sends the lone survivor back to Negan with a warning to stop terrorizing the residents of Hilltop. He later calls a meeting with the Safe Zone, suggesting that they can protect the Hilltop colony in exchange for supplies. Andrea then comes to visit Rick at his house and says that despite the looming threat of death around them they can still be happy.

The next morning Carl accidentally walks in on Andrea and Rick in bed together, naked, implying that Rick and Andrea had sex. Rick tries to explain the awkwardness of the situation to Carl but Carl says he already knows it all. Rick then hears Abraham's machine-gun fire and tells Carl to stay in the house. Rick then sees another group of Saviors are outside the walls and have taken Eugene hostage. After killing a good number of them and the rest retreating back to Negan , Rick and Andrea find Abraham's body being eaten by roamers and take it back to the Safe Zone to be buried.

When asked by Andrea what do they do now, Rick is genuinely afraid and says that he doesn't know. Rick assembles a group comprising of Carl, Glenn, Maggie, Sophia, Heath , Michonne and himself to go immediately to the Hilltop to get Paul and others to fight the Saviors. Although they follow the same route Paul showed them, they are unable to make it to the Hilltop in one day. During the night, Negan and a large group of fifty Saviors ambush them.

Addressing Rick by name, Negan demands that the Safe Zone belongs to them now and has to punish them for killing so many Saviors. He eventually decides on killing Glenn, brutally beating him to death with his bat named ' Lucille '. Rick breaks down into tears and swears that he will personally kill Negan for what he did. Negan dares him to do it and leaves, giving Rick and the others one week before they return for their first offering to the Saviors. Maggie angry at Rick for not doing anything to prevent Glenn being killed, punches him in the face several times calling him a 'fucking coward'.

She then stops when Carl points his gun at her and tells her to stop hurting his father, she stops. Carl is then attacked by Sophia. Rick then decides that they can't stay here, they wrap Glenn's corpse in a blanket and drive the rest of the way to the Hilltop. Arriving at the Hilltop, Rick is greeted by Paul who is surprised to see them again so soon after their last meeting; Rick shows him Glenn's body and Paul immediately takes them all to Gregory.

Rick recounts what happened to Glenn and Abraham and Rick punches Gregory in the face and accuses Gregory of withholding information from them. Gregory says that they didn't know that Negan actually existed; since no one had ever seen Negan in person before, they believed that he was made up by the Saviors to intimidate the residents of Hilltop. Paul resolves to go back with them to Alexandria and see what he can do to help.

Rick and the others depart, leaving Maggie and Sophia at Hilltop after they expressed their desire to stay, in honor of Glenn's wish to start a new life there. Before they go, Rick embraces Maggie and promises her that he'll do everything he can to make Negan pay for killing Glenn. When they arrive back to Alexandria, he sees that the Saviors attacked the safe-zone while they were gone. He fears for the worst, but Nicholas and Andrea arrive, telling him that no one in the community was injured or killed and that they killed a good portion of the Saviors who attacked.

After hugging Andrea, she shows Rick another piece of good news; during the fight, they were able to capture one of the Saviors as a hostage: Rick recognizes him as Abraham's killer, Dwight. After Andrea punches Dwight, Rick tells her to stop. Later on, he tells her about what happened to Glenn on the way to Hilltop. She argues that this is the perfect reason they should be fighting back against the Saviors, but Rick disagrees. He blames himself for Glenn's death, saying that he thought of Glenn and Maggie as hope for a better future. He also says that they had no idea what Negan was capable of doing and was caught back with how apathetic he was while killing Glenn.

Realizing that using the same tactics employed against The Governor will not work in this situation, Rick decides that Alexandria has no choice but to submit to Negan's rule for the time being and releases Dwight, much to the anger and uneasiness of several members of the Safe Zone, including Andrea, Michonne, Carl, and Holly. As everyone disperses, Rick, wanting to know what they are up against, tells Paul to tail Dwight and find out as much as he can about the Saviors and report back.

When asked, she says she's still angry about him letting Dwight go and that she's moving out. As Andrea leaves, Rick finally tells her why he did it; Rick wants Negan to think that himself and the residents of Alexandria will submit to his rule. After biding their time and resources, then they can strike back at Negan and the Saviors. Andrea forgives Rick and kisses him, but asks why she was left out of the loop. Rick answers that he did it to keep her, Carl and the other residents safe. The following day Negan arrives to Alexandria with a group of his Saviors.

He demands that their one week is up and that they be let into the Safe-Zone. After menacing Rick to 'not make him ask' to be let in, Rick complies. Negan taunts Rick by demanding that he hold Lucille, the same weapon that killed Glenn, while he goes off to search some houses for supplies with the other Saviors. After hearing that Denise and Carl are threatening Negan, Rick is able to defuse each situation.

As the Saviors leave, Negan takes back Lucille from Rick and says to him, "I just slid my dick down your throat and you thanked me for it. After the Saviors leave, Rick is confronted by Denise who admonishes him for his actions. He angrily says that he doesn't want anyone to go off half-cocked again and cause them all to be killed. He also says that he's no longer in charge and if anyone wanted to leave, they are free to do so. After going home, Rick asks Carl to come have a talk with him, but gets no response.

After looking around and not finding him anywhere and noticing that Abraham's machine gun was missing from the armory , Rick realizes that Carl either went off to find the Saviors on his own or was abducted by them while they were at the Safe-Zone. Him, Andrea, Michonne and Nicholas go off to try and find Carl but are forced back at the end of the day. As Rick is sleeping, he is awoken by Paul who tells him to come take a walk with him.

Paul tells Rick that he knows where the Saviors are holding up at and that when he escaped, he had heard machine gun fire; Rick tells him about when Carl went missing and both realize that Carl is with the Saviors. They immediately wake up Andrea and Michonne and head off to the Saviors' stronghold. When asked how they will get inside since the Saviors' base is surrounded by a wall of zombies , Rick says that he will simply knock on the front door; he reminds them that he wants Negan to feel that they are submissive to his rule and that knowing where his group resides will throw Negan off and reveal where Carl is.

While on the road, Rick's group is met by Negan and some of the Saviors going in the opposite direction. Negan says that this was mighty convenient because they were on their way to the Safe-Zone; Rick says that they were on their way to see him. Negan is suspicious and asks what they are doing here but Rick demands to know where Carl is. Negan says, believe it or not, that that was the reason he was heading over and that he can't wait for Rick to see what he's done to Carl. After hearing this, Rick assaults Negan, but is eventually overpowered.

He frees himself by biting Negan's arm, something that genuinely surprises the latter. Negan reveals that Carl was unharmed and admits that he was trying to get a rise out of Rick by implying that he did something to his son. Negan tells Rick that he can be reasonable and that he also takes no pleasure in killing; he only does it to establish boundaries, "to make people aware of the consequences of their actions.

I take no joy in those deeds. Rick addresses the community and says that Carl was returned safely and that Negan can be trusted; when asked by Andrea what the community will think once they realize that Rick has been lying to them, Rick claims that they will be safe and it'll be worth the risk. After hearing from Carl the information he has about the foundry the Saviors reside in, Paul says that 'it's time that you met Ezekiel. The following day, Rick and Paul are traveling to see Ezekiel when they are stopped by two men on horseback, and are then taken to a school, known as The Kingdom.

Paul tells Rick that Ezekiel and his group of survivors live inside the school during the winter months and during the warmer months, they stay outside in tents. As they arrive, Ezekiel comes out, greets Paul warmly and welcomes Rick to the community. Rick is taken aback when he sees that Ezekiel has a tiger; Paul mentions that he forgot about that and says the tiger is named Shiva. After agreeing to provide assistance to Rick, Ezekiel says they have another visitor and Dwight appears, admitting that he is one of the last people Rick would want to see but asks Rick to trust him.

Rick is furious and yells that as a member of the Saviors, Dwight can NOT be trusted and he refuses to listen to what he has to say. Dwight then says that Negan has his wife Sherry and that Negan would hurt her if he disobeyed and scolds Rick for thinking he has more on the line. Rick calls him a liar and punches Dwight in the jaw. Dwight says that at first, he believed Rick was intimidated by Negan but found out differently when he found Paul had followed him back to the foundry.

Also, Dwight says that until Rick came along, Ezekiel was the only one who "had the balls to stand up to Negan. It appears that Rick decides to ultimately trust Dwight and proceeds to form an alliance with Dwight and Ezekiel in regards to getting rid of Negan once and for all. After returning to Alexandria, he tells Andrea, Carl, and Michonne about his plan to unite The Kingdom, Hilltop and other communities with Alexandria to fight the Saviors. When Carl insists that he not be left out of fighting, Rick tells him that he is welcome to join them in the assault.

Michonne is upset that she will be fighting again so soon and reminds Rick that she wants to be done with fighting all the time, saying that she ultimately wants to destroy her sword; Rick swears to her that once Negan is gone, she is free to 'melt it down. Eugene says that he believed his bullets would be used to fight roamers and as part of the offering to the Saviors, not to kill people; Rick counters that the bullets would be used against people who want to kill them.

Rick then tells Olivia that they are going on a supply run, Spencer then confronts Rick and starts snobbishly says that Rick is afraid of Negan, Rick then tells Spencer he is talking bullshit. Spencer then he calls them like he sees them, and asks Rick wether he actually does have a clue to what he is doing.

Rick then says he does. Spencer then says it isn't over between them. Andrea, Carl, Michonne, Heath and Aaron prepare to go with Rick for what is believed to be a supply run, but are told by Rick that they are actually going to The Kingdom. After arriving, he introduces them all to Ezekiel and stops Michonne from attacking Ezekiel when the two cross swords; the latter claims that he merely wanted to see whose sword was bigger.

It is revealed that Rick has assembled quite a few people to take down Negan and the Saviors, including twenty people from the Hilltop and roughly thirty from the Kingdom. He tells Andrea that there is a chance they can launch an assault against The Saviors soon, although he wishes that Abraham was still alive because he was good at planning strategies while Rick isn't.

When Paul arrives with the men from the Hilltop, Rick asks Ezekiel if they've heard back from Dwight; Ezekiel reassures him by saying that they'll have to wait for the right moment. Until then, 'focus our forces on their outposts and take them out. Unbeknownst to Rick, Negan arrived in Alexandria several days ahead of schedule and decided to wait for him to return.

When Rick arrives back, no one is at the gate and roamers begin to surround the van. While Michonne dispatches them, Olivia arrives, opens the gate and informs Rick that Negan is waiting for him. Immediately following this, Denise runs over and informs them that Negan slashed up and killed Spencer. Rick flies into a rage and confronts Negan leading to a heated debate between the two men. Negan mentions that he has been more than reasonable giving Carl back despite him killing several Saviors and says that he never would have allowed his men to abuse Carl in any way.

In a surprising act of charity, Negan says they can keep all the supplies they gathered but Rick refuses, saying that "A deal is a deal. As Negan and his men load up and get ready to leave, Rick runs home and tells Andrea to get up in the bell tower, saying that it's possibly the best chance they'll get at killing Negan; he also tells her to assemble the rest of the Alexandria defenders and have them up on the wall.

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As Negan leaves, he sees Rick behind him and wonders why Rick is following them; a second later, the driver of the vehicle is shot through the head. Angry and confused, Negan grabs Lucille and exits the vehicle as another Savior is shot and killed. As Rick aims his gun at Negan's head, it is revealed that Negan had Saviors outside the walls and they shoot the Alexandria defender's guns out of their hands. Negan claims that they are "fucking fucked" and walks up to Rick, holding Lucille in his hands. Negan insults Andrea, causing Rick to try and strike him several times.

Carl shoots off a portion of Lucille, earning Negan's rage. He shouts for Carl to be thrown over the wall, saying "I want him to pay for what he's done! Rick says that if Carl dies, their agreement will be over but Negan states that it already IS over. Negan and Rick notice a figure falling from the bell tower and both believe it to be Andrea, causing Rick to scream out her name.

Negan says that "she went quick" and invites Rick to sing along as he chooses who to kill. With tears streaming down his face, Rick says 'just get on with it. The Kingdom survivors come up from behind the Saviors and attack them as well. During the commotion, Negan is able to free himself from Paul's grasp and is able to flee. Rick demands that they follow them but Ezekiel disagrees, saying that the Saviors still outnumber them. Rick then runs towards the bell tower and finds Connor 's broken corpse.

Inside, Rick and Michonne find Andrea's body; despite all the wounds she received from Connor, she is still alive and Rick demands that they get her to Denise immediately. Rick has his hand looked at by Denise and is told that it should heal in a few weeks. Rick wryly remarks that's good; "otherwise I'd be out of hands. He then wants to have everyone who's able to fight from Alexandria, the Hilltop and the Kingdom gathered up in a few days and ready to "burn their place to the ground.

As Rick walks through Alexandria with his son, he commends Carl on how he acted during the stand-off and showed that he is someone Rick can count on. Despite this, Rick says that he wants Carl to stay in Alexandria. Carl protests, saying that he's the only one who knows the layout of the foundry, but Rick says there is another reason; he tells Carl that the Safe-Zone won't be safe when the Saviors come again and due to how Carl handled the Alexandria defenders, Rick wants him to be in charge of defending the Safe-Zone while they are taking the fight to Negan.

Carl, visibly disappointed, agrees but only if Rick swears that he'll kill Negan; "I will. As they return home, Rick is greeted by Paul who says that today's attack could have gone better; Rick says it could have worked, but agrees that from now on their attacks will need to be planned out. Paul then tells Rick that all of this couldn't have happened without him. Paul sees that Rick is building something that can change the world and wants to be a part of that. He also commends Rick that he's the first one to stand up against Negan: Gregory wanted everything to be smooth and Ezekiel hated Negan, but still obeyed for the most part.

You're a leader we can follow. Several days later, Rick wakes up and prepares himself to begin the war on the Saviors. He admits to Andrea that while everyone looks to him for leadership, he is doubtful about what he can do and is burdened by Paul's view of him being a leader that people can follow. Andrea assures him that despite this, he doesn't give up and keeps going. She says that "whatever comes of this Later, Rick meets up with Eugene and asks about the ammunition production. Eugene replies that they have made two additional crates of ammo on top of what they've already produced.

Rick thanks him and all the other workers on their contribution towards the war. He then meets both Paul and Ezekiel one last time before he calls for volunteers to go with him and the other two to Sanctuary. He then hugs both Andrea and Carl goodbye, promising them that he'll be back as soon as possible. Eventually Rick's army arrives and he shoots twice into the air, getting Negan's attention. Rick offers Negan the chance to surrender, saving lives on both sides. Negan initially plays along and asks what they will do with him and the others who have fought against them already.

Rick recalls back to the rule he made back at the prison where 'you kill, you die' and if Negan refuses, they'll come inside and "whatever happens, happens. Gregory states that the Hilltop will be siding with Negan, and that any Hilltop resident who refuses will be ejected from the colony. Rick looks to Paul, saying that he'll understand if Paul wants to leave but the latter says he's staying. Only eight people leave the army and return to the Hilltop, earning Negan's wrath due to Gregory saying that half of the assembled army came from the Hilltop.

After Negan kicks Gregory off the balcony and admitting that he thought more would leave, Rick offers Negan one more time to surrender. Negan refuses once again and immediately his snipers open fire, killing several members of Rick's army. He orders them to fall back and to take out the snipers at the windows. Paul notes that the roamers around the walls are getting agitated and asks Rick if he's sure about this and Rick replies yes. After several minutes, Rick's goal is revealed; all the sound and noise they made by shooting the windows attracted roamers from several miles to begin surrounding the fences similar to the herd that attacked and broke through Alexandria.

Rick orders everyone back on the buses and, according to the plan made between him, Paul and Ezekiel, will stay behind and ram a truck through the fence to fill the Sanctuary with roamers. He is confident that once Negan finds him, he won't be killed immediately and Rick can potentially meet up with Dwight inside the foundry. Unfortunately, another member of the army decided to stay behind as well: Holly. Rick orders her back to the bus, but she responds that Abraham's killer is inside and that she has to be the one to carry this out, saying that she's strong.

Rick agrees, but still refuses to allow her to do this. She knees him in the groin and steals the truck, driving off towards the fence and leaving Rick behind, who futilely yells at her to come back. He is then somehow able to make his way back to the rendezvous point and says that the army shouldn't be celebrating right now; "the war has only just begun.

As the army is camping outside, Rick tells his forces about the next phase of his plan: with Negan having to focus his attention towards eliminating the roamers that threaten his life and those inside Sanctuary, the Saviors are essentially cut off from the rest of the world. Therefore, all of the Savior's outposts are now vulnerable and will be easier to attack and conquer. He tasks Michonne to take a group back to Alexandria to provide support for Carl and the other defenders while himself and Ezekiel will take the remaining militia and divide into two groups to take over the outposts.

Rick and his squadron focus their attack on one of the more fortified outposts. The fighting goes back and forth which results in numerous casualties on both sides, including Eric. They are eventually able to kill all of the Saviors except for one; they use him to gain access inside.

Despite the Saviors inside putting up a struggle, Rick, Paul and the remaining survivors are successful in killing the remaining Saviors and take over the outpost. After returning back to Alexandria, Rick is informed by Michonne that Ezekiel's group was annihilated when they attempted to take another outpost. Alarmed by this, Rick orders a meeting inside the church to discuss this new development.

He surmises that Negan must have eliminated all the roamers as well as discovering that Rick's Army overtook a Savior outpost, thus sending more troops to the remaining ones as reinforcements. Just then, an explosion occurs nearby. Rick goes outside and sees a house demolished and asks if there was anyone living inside; fortunately, he's told that it was one of the vacant houses. However, he discovers the source of the explosion; Negan is outside the walls with a large number of Saviors easily as big as the group that arrived the night Glenn was killed. Although Negan threatens Rick with more grenades, he insists that he's here to strike a deal; unsurprisingly, Rick doesn't believe him until Negan brings Holly out of a truck.

Rick only agrees to talk when Holly is safely inside the walls, to which Negan agrees and lets her go. Rick leads Holly who is blindfolded and unable to see back to the Safe-Zone and once she gets inside, he orders the gate closed. Unfortunately, Holly was killed and reanimated earlier and Rick unknowingly lured her now-zombified state into Alexandria and she bites Denise's arm several times. Rick shoots Holly while more grenades are thrown over the wall and begin to explode.

As he orders for a knife to amputate Denise's arm, Heath is caught in one of the explosions and ends up getting a leg blown off. Denise pulls away from Rick, saying that it's too late to save her, but not Heath and carries him to the infirmary. Amid the explosions, Rick runs to find Andrea and Carl. Finding them, he says the perimeter houses are vulnerable and that they must leave.

Another explosion goes off right behind Carl, blasting the three of them forward. He frantically shouts for Carl and carries him to Denise. Rick lays Carl down on one of the gurneys and asks Denise to check him for burns or shrapnel, despite Carl saying he's fine. He makes his way to the front gate and Andrea asks him about the gunfire that came from outside the walls. Puzzled, they both look around to see who drove the Saviors off.

He is amazed to find that it's Maggie as well as a squadron from the Hilltop. She tells Rick that she's brought help from the Hilltop and asks how bad the damage is. Rick asks if she's in charge of the Hilltop now but before she answers, he blacks out from shock due to the attack. About an hour later, Rick wakes up in Denise's house. Harlan Carson , the doctor from the Hilltop, says that he suffered a concussion from the blasts and is doing fine.

When Rick asks for Denise, he is taken to a separate room where she is along with Heath. Heath says that she's in the final stages of infection due to being bitten by Holly and will die soon. Rick leaves them alone and meets up with Andrea, Carl and Michonne. He is told by Michonne that Ezekiel and his remaining troops have suffered enough losses and plan to leave. Rick asks if the walls are still intact; Andrea replies yes, but there's not much else.

Rick begins to place blame on himself, but Andrea justifies it.