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  • The Twitter Effect: Social Media Usage as a Contributor to Movie Success.
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  • The Twitter Effect: Social Media Usage as a Contributor to Movie Success.

Further, content originated by brands for both high- and low-involvement products is tested against content originated by consumers as it relates to brand choice. Finally, the impact of reference group is tested on consumer and brand generated content about high and low involvement product brand choice. In Essay 2, the concept of the market maven in social media is explored through identity theory.

Social media breadth including network size, media commitment, and frequency of usage is investigated in relation to two types of appraisal self- and reflected of perceived influence on social media sites.

These appraisals are examined against identity importance; in the hierarchy of role-identities, participants who identify that social media is identity salient are posited to have a propensity to share product information in social media as measured by the market maven construct. The outcome of this study provides initial exploration of antecedents of the social media market mavenism and what appraisals influence propensity to share product information online.

How does social media affect your well-being?

Together, these two initiatives apply the theoretical lenses of incidental exposure, social identity, and market maven theory to better understand how consumers behave in regards to brands given this new context of social media communities. Collections Electronic Theses and Dissertations. Search DSpace.

Why People Share Information

To delve deeper into this fascinating collection of studies, view the Prezi above. For an overview and application of the main issues covered in this book, simply click the forward arrow to follow the designated path of the Prezi. Since some of the text would be difficult to read otherwise, I recommend opening the Prezi for full-screen viewing.

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David T. Coad is a graduate student at University of California, Davis, pursuing a PhD in education with an emphasis in writing, rhetoric, and composition studies. David is passionate about teaching college students the importance of critical thinking in digital spaces.