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The effort it takes to drop a mug in the mail pales considerably in comparison to the time it takes to create, say, bonus content. Yeah, so bonus content. All I can say is: work smarter, not harder. Patrons are first and foremost supporting the work you already do, and bonus episodes can take just as long to make as the regular ones. Give yourself permission to make it, or not make it. Furthermore, bonus episodes raise a larger, potentially ethical, and certainly topical question as to whether you want to keep your content behind a paywall.

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So that begs another larger question: what are people actually paying for, anyway? People become patrons for, as far as I can tell, three, often overlapping reasons: a they really and truly believe in the project, b they want special VIP access, and c they want uninterrupted service.

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When I say uninterrupted service, I mean both the lack of midroll ads interrupting their listening experience or a lack of those months of inactivity interrupting the episode release because you, the creator, need to put the show on the shelf and focus on paying work. Regarding the former, I personally suffered through years of Spotify ads until I finally broke down and paid for an account.

To month or to thing? This is the age-old question: should a creator charge per month or per piece of content? If you need to take a month or two off for your own sanity, why undo all the healing with the stress of guilt? If a Patreon page exists on the internet and no one hears about it, does it make a sound? Is asking for money hard? You bet. But you guys: get over it. And know that it gets easier with practice. Maybe seven people in the history of time have ever actually surfed Patreon looking for neat-sounding projects to support. The rest are driven there by the shameless self-promotion of projects they already care about.

So go ahead: transform your shame into strategy. Be the ad you want to see in the world. Make them delightful.

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