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The instrumentalist who loves to conduct has a talent and passion for leadership.

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The brass player who created the multi-genre concert with his friends has vision and creativity, along with a passion for relationships. The TV producer has a talent for making order out of chaos and communicating effectively under pressure. The lawyer who made movies has a passion for process and a talent for pulling together lots of different moving parts to make a coherent whole. Once you know your talents, your next step is to imagine that the world is ideal and figure out whom you want to impact in this ideal world.

This is a wonderful way to get out of your box and think BIG.

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This exercise gets you to focus on what you consider to be important. It also helps you to focus on what slice of the world you would like to tackle and what role you would like to have in making the world a better place. Here is how some of my musician and executives have answered these questions to come up with their life purpose. For those committed to a fulfilling life, this exercise helps to zero in on the slice of the world that you want to impact. And that insight can help to drive your search for a life purpose. What does your ideal world look like? Whom are you impacting in this ideal world?

And what is your role in making the world a better place? This takes a bit of work and a lot of time so I encourage you to get started and continue to refine your statement until it sounds right. You now have your life purpose statement that reflects how you want to use your talents in service of a mission that impacts people in the way that feels most important to you. A life purpose statement is not activity-specific. Rather, it is your compass that can help you navigate your professional landscape and provide you with options. Knowing your life purpose might inspire you to seek out new career opportunities so that you could use your creative talents, as well as your expertise and leadership abilities in the service of your mission.

Armed with this clear mission, you are much more likely to be motivated to seek out new opportunities and thereby achieve the fulfillment that is currently lacking in your life. For example, in one of my recent workshops, an MBA with a career in training and development had an epiphany that what she really cared about was creating a culturally-rich, healthy and stimulating living environment for people 50 and over.

She is excited about learning more about living communities and is in the process of conducting research into this new area. Another executive, a financial expert of Hispanic ancestry, is concerned about the values of Hispanic youth and is eager to create an organization that will teach Hispanic youngsters how to live a values-driven life, as opposed to getting locked into materialism. She plans to research organizations that are currently assisting Hispanic students ages to assess the landscape and meet the people who are operating in this space.

5 Steps to Define Your Core Values: A Compass for Navigating Life’s Decisions | Mindful Ambition

You may also decide to teach, lead workshops, consult, coach or work for an organization whose mission resonates with your version of the ideal world. You might even start a blog to write about your passion.

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And if you know what you want to do, having a life purpose statement can reinforce your commitment to your area. For me, when I read my life purpose statement, I feel great knowing that everything I do on behalf of musicians and leaders is right on mission. Enjoy the clarity that comes with knowing your purpose and be fearless as you seek out the opportunities that will enable you to live your best self!

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This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. You can find your Life Purpose using this four-step process: 1. Examples include: An instrumentalist who has discovered conducting.

A pianist who is thrilled to play in a video game orchestra. A brass player who created a concert of mixed-genre music with a collective of musician and composers friends. A financial executive who was able to turn around a failing subsidiary. A TV producer who masterminded an ingenious week-end long coverage of a major news event. A lawyer who remembered his childhood love of movies and went on to write and produce 2 of his own movies. What are your top stories of joy, flow and fulfillment?

Yet almost 60 percent are considering advanced degrees with the hope of landing somewhere that values their education, such as consulting or investment banking. Many invest in an education without understanding their true purpose.

Find Your Life Purpose in 4 Steps: Your Compass for Navigating Career Success

Is it any wonder that most people are unhappy and disengaged at their jobs? I believe it is difficult to know what your purpose is because we are asking the wrong question.

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Values are important because they are the compass you use to navigate your own life. Values not only shape your life, but they shape the culture of a company. Values help you make decisions both in your own life and at work. How do you determine your values? During a period in my life when I felt like I had no goals, no vision, no hope, I focused solely on my values. I used these values as my compass. You show up every day honoring those values. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.

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It comes down to knowing, with precision, what you value. By first understanding yourself and how you show up in the world, you can determine what aspects of your personality are non-negotiable. I believe these core personality traits are tied to your core values. For example, I have an uncompromising relationship with truth. The quest for truth is one of my core values.

You can search online for worksheets that list common values.

A compass for life’s journey

Print out the worksheet and circle all the values that are important to you. When I did it I ended up with 20 values. You can create your own method, as I ended up doing. My method is based on self-awareness. For one week, I paid attention to everything that caused a visceral reaction within me. Or if you do, then why? This can be something you read on social media or watch on TV.

It can be something someone says to you. Pay attention to that precise moment.