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Will there be other solo travellers on tour? Our tours attract travellers of various ages and from countries all over the English-speaking world. You'll find a mix of solos, couples and groups of friends travelling together on tour. And it's unlikely you'll be the only solo traveller. Some destinations attract more solos than others. If you want to know how many solos are booked on your tour, ask our reservations team.

They'd be happy to help.

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Are your holidays suitable for single travellers over 50? Yes, absolutely. Our tours are designed to suit travellers from a wide age range. Most of our trips involve a moderate level of activity. This could be exploring historic sites like Petra on foot, boarding trains and walking through local markets. So you do need to be in good health and have a normal level of fitness.


With an average age of around 40, lots of over 50s solo travellers join our trips, so you won't feel out of place at all. As long as you feel young at heart, have an open mind and a thirst for new travel experiences, you'll have a fabulous time on holiday with us.

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How does the rooming work? Solo travellers of the same sex will be paired up to share a twin room. If you have opted for the single supplement then you will be accommodated in a single room. These rooms will either have one double bed for single use or a single bed. Will I get much time to myself? Our shorter tour itineraries are packed with sightseeing so that you get the most out of the destination in the time you have.

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The evenings are generally free for travellers to do as they wish. The tour group will often stick together for the evening meal though this is a personal choice. If you prefer to head off on your own and explore, you are welcome to do so. Depending on the day's schedule, we'll always try to factor in free time at the sites you'll be visiting. This means you can walk around at leisure taking photographs and enjoying the site your way.

Our longer tour itineraries often include a few free afternoons or a free day here and there. This gives you the flexibility to choose optional activities or relax in the hotel.

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What should I expect as a solo traveller? We include arrival transfers on our group tours, which means we'll meet you at the airport and transfer you to our joining hotel. Here you'll meet your tour leader and the rest of the group, which makes for a hassle-free arrival.

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The group often gels quickly and will choose to spend meals together but you have the choice to be as involved or as independent as what suits you. Even if you're the only solo traveller on the tour, you'll find the rest of the group friendly and eager to include you.

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If you have any questions at all, Solo's Hold is here for you! Contact us if you need any assistance. No need to pay more than you should. Thanks, Solo and Family. The Rogue Apprentice is permanently sold out, however the snips have limited availability and can be purchased in our Store. Limited Availability!

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The parts have gone through the process of finishing and anodizing. Thanks for coming to the website, and if you have any questions please email sales soloshold. May the Force be with you, Always! The United States Postal Service is increasing international shipping rates. This is all we know at this time. If you have any questions at all, Solo's Hold is here for you! Contact us if you need any assistance. No need to pay more than you should.