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Walking on the Amalfi Coast is generally straightforward, particularly the lower-level walks, but there are lots of steps, so be prepared for some exertion. When the weather is hot, carry proper equipment a hat, sunblock and consider avoiding the hottest part of the day. You should always carry a bottle of water to drink, and there are quite a few water taps where you can refill your bottle. Walking poles may be a good idea if you are concerned about your knees.

The 'easy' lower-altitude walks on paved paths described below don't really require any special footwear, as long as your shoes are comfortable. For longer and higher-level walks, I'd recommend proper walking shoes or boots. Tough enclosed boots are best on some of the bare rock and loose gravel stretches, but in hot weather something lighter may be sufficient.

I have a pair of semi-open North Face walking shoes, which are very sturdy, have good soles and let my feet breathe. On rougher footpaths I found I had to empty out dirt and pebbles, but for warm-weather walking on well-made paths they were ideal - I could slip them off instantly to bathe my feet in streams or the sea, and they looked inconspicuous in town centres.

As the landscape is so steep, circular routes from sea-level accommodation or from a parked car are not a very good option unless you really enjoy slogging up long flights of steps. A preferable tactic, if you are staying in one of the seaside resorts, is to take public transport or a taxi to your starting point, and enjoy a walk which contours and descends towards sea-level, finishing up at your base on foot or by catching a bus or ferry along the shore. Use commonsense when planning hikes on the hillside - take proper equipment and first aid and, as normal in the countryside, be alert for potential hazards such as steep drops, overgrown paths, the occasional snake, dogs and forest fires.

Local people are a good source of advice and assistance. The easiest walks to embark upon - easy to navigate, though the gradients can be physically demanding - are the stretches of well-built paths and steps linking settlements. Routes which are still in everyday local use today are generally well-maintained and signposted. Local people should be able to give you directions where necessary, although on many of the downhill walks it would be hard to get lost, as you are basically descending towards the sea and can generally see your destination.

By joining together signposted stretches between towns, you could extend this kind of amiable village-to-village walking into longer expeditions, taking a picnic to enjoy in some panoramic spot. Some extremely pleasant walks fall into this straightforward category. Although the paved paths mean you won't feel you've quite escaped civilisation, you will certainly see a completely different, rural face to the Amalfi Coast. Lanes descend through terraces and strips of vineyard, past scruffy houses where tomatoes, figs and bread are laid out to dry in the sun.

A short walk from one popular tourist sight to another can take you through an Italy where time has barely moved on; a much more authentic and traditional world. By using buses and doing a spot of research, it isn't hard to 'dabble' in some walking along the Amalfi Coast, and I'd strongly recommend taking at least one opportunity to get out of the towns for an hour or two and see the quieter charms of the countryside.

There's a very helpful tourist information office in the famously panoramic hillside village of Ravello.

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At the time of writing this office hands out free maps showing walks around Ravello, with clear labelling and also walk descriptions available in English. This makes a great starting point, both literal and metaphorical, for some picturesque walks. Ravello is easily reached by frequent buses from Amalfi , and it has lots to offer for a half-day's sightseeing. After visiting the village's sights, and perhaps enjoying lunch at one of its tourist restaurants, you can descend to the coast on foot.

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There is a choice of routes down to Amalfi through lemon groves and terraces - one straightforward walk descends from outside the Villa Cimbrone garden to Atrani, a seaside village just around the headland from Amalfi. An alternative is to descend from Ravello in the other direction, to Minori. This is a low-key beach resort, and is connected to Amalfi by bus and also by summer ferries check the timetable in advance. When I did this walk I was rushing for the last ferry, but even at a fast pace I was able to appreciate the views en route.

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A fairly direct, signposted route starts by the Villa Rufolo entrance; a longer version is described in the Landscapes book. The path descends through Torello, a picturesque hamlet on a spur of ground which is reminiscent of how the other coastal villages must have been before tourists arrived.

WALKING WITH GOD - Apostle Johnson Suleman - Pastor Rich.

I passed giant marrows growing on cultivated terraces, locals trekking uphill carrying plastic bags full of oranges, and an elderly woman in black washing pots under a public tap near the church. This route was all on paved paths and steps, and took around 40 minutes. If you don't mind a trek that includes a lot of steps, this is a short and simple walk offering picturesque views of Positano as you descend from the mountainside village of Montepertuso, where a large pierced cliff jutting from the hillside makes a dramatic landmark.

There are local buses from Positano to Montepertuso, and the little village has a couple of restaurants so this would make a nice after-lunch constitutional. Two routes lead down to Positano, one starts to the right-hand side of the village church and descends through olive groves. The bus continues to Nocelle, another possible starting point for a descent into Positano. There are also more ambitious high-level walks up in the heights of the Monte Lattari. For these you'll need to make more of an effort, with maps and proper hiking kit.

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This is a spectacular stretch of path between Bomerano, up in the hills, and the seaside resort Positano. The full walk from Bomerano to Positano takes around four and a half hours, and the overall descent is m, although most of this can be avoided by taking a bus for the final stage of the route, a steep descent by steps to Positano. Bomerano is part of an agglomeration of villages collectively called Agerola, and it can be reached by public Sita buses from Amalfi and also from Castellammare di Stabia and Naples.

In the little main square of Bomerano, where old men sit outside their favourite bar, you'll find a notice board with directions; locals will also be able to point you towards the start of the trail. Navigation is simple along the way; there are signposts and the footpath is clearly indicated.

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The footpath, an old mule-path used before the coastline's roads were engineered, winds along the hillside between terraces, some cultivated and some abandoned. You'll pass inhabited dwellings and also picturesque ruins, reminders of life here before the sea-level towns became tourist honeypots. Born in England, he trained as a librarian, then worked for two years in Guyana at the National Library as a Voluntary Service Overseas volunteer. During that time, through the ministry of Herbert W.

Armstrong, Paul surrendered his life to God, and in entered Ambassador College, graduating in He returned to Guyana to work at the National Library, and also to take care of the fledgling church there. He served as full time pastor from to when he was transferred to the Caribbean to pastor churches in Grenada, St.

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Vincent, St. Lucia and Dominica.

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They have three children: Emil, Lorna and Paul.