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12 Bar Blues In E-Flat Major 120BPM

Jazz Blues Scales: Simple Scale Equals Big Results

Your index finger plays the root on the E string, so to play C blues, put your index on the eighth fret. The Eb blues scale is exceptionally easy to play on piano — just play the black keys and add the note A. In western music theory terms, the blues scale is practically inexplicable. The E-flat in the C blues scale makes it sound minor , but the scale is customarily played on top of major chords. From a science perspective, the F-sharp is perfectly reasonable, since it emerges naturally from the overtone series of C.

5 Positions + Open Position For The Eb Major Blues Scale

The most sensible approach is to think of blues tonality that is separate from major or minor, and that follows its own rules. As I said above, blues scale works in just about any improvisational situation.

Even the best jazz soloists sometimes get lost in the changes. The blues scale is a reliable fallback position. Other musicians might judge you for not being able to make the changes, but the audience is always glad to hear blues, so I say, let the haters hate. The blues scale is a fertile source of harmonic ideas for songwriting and arranging.

Learn How To Play The E Flat Blues Scale On The Piano | Piano Scale Lessons

Use the scale tones as roots for chords and get ready for pleasure. The F-sharp also suggests F diminished , a jazz standby. You can combine the blues scale with other scales for a richer assortment of tones. Combining the blues scale with the major scale gives you the entire chromatic scale except for flat two and flat six. You can throw those two notes in as passing tones too, so you can effectively play any note you want over blues. Diminished chords sound great over blues. C diminished seventh is C, E-flat, G-flat, A.

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Eb Blues Scale

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