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Optical Materials

Characterization of optical properties of optical polymers | SpringerLink

An SEM uses an electron beam that is raster-scanned across the surface of a sample to provide high-resolution images. The low-vacuum mode allows for high-resolution imaging of non-conductive samples.

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In addition, an Oxford EDS system with an 80 mm2 drift detector is available to provide elemental identification. Optical materials are designed and synthesized for applications in national security including nuclear radiation sensors, nanometer-sized thermal sensors, and detection of IEDs under field conditions.

UNSW SPREE 201805-10 Angus Gentle - Fabrication and characterisation of optical materials

Photoelectric measurements I-V curves , in-situ electrical conductivity measurements, and polarization hysteresis measurements can be performed on a variety of materials. In addition, a dmeter is available to determine piezoelectric constants and an impedance analyzer for dielectric and LCR measurements.

Characterization of Transparent Optical Materials

ASL has mechanical test equipment suitable for analyzing polymers, rubbers, and metals. Several instruments are available for standard ASTM tests or customized analysis:. ASL has capabilities for carrying out sample and product testing in controlled environments. These test chambers are extensively used to verify the long term performance of materials developed at ASL.

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These are also used to evaluate products supplied by outside customers. We combine selected activities related to the research into the properties of nonlinear optical materials and electro-optical and electromechanical materials. The main objective of our research is the discovery of new principles and natural causations and the study of physical phenomena in which optical materials react with a static or quasi-static electric field and mechanical effects.

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Our focus is primarily on ferroelectric monocrystals and transparent ferroelectric ceramics. Sophisticated instruments for suppressing vibrations in optical systems, adaptive optics systems, and systems for generating higher harmonics are examples of a relevant application in this category.

Optical Materials

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