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The researchers hope the technology can enhance our ability to study the brain and its cellular functions. One of the main avenues of such studies would be brain disorders and diseases. This could point the way to developing new of treatments for the likes of brain injuries, Alzheimer's, Huntington's, and neurodegenerative conditions. It immediately offers a much better model for studying the human brain, which is extraordinarily important, given the vast amount of human suffering from diseases of the mind [and] brain," Nita Farahany, the bioethicists at the Duke University School of Law who wrote the study's commentary, told National Geographic.

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Before anyone gets an Island of Dr. Moreau vibe, it's worth noting that the brains did not approach neural activity anywhere near consciousness. The Brain Ex solution contained chemicals that prevented neurons from firing. To be extra cautious, the researchers also monitored the brains for any such activity and were prepared to administer an anesthetic should they have seen signs of consciousness. Even so, the research signals a massive debate to come regarding medical ethics and our definition of death. Most countries define death, clinically speaking, as the irreversible loss of brain or circulatory function.

This definition was already at odds with some folk- and value-centric understandings, but where do we go if it becomes possible to reverse clinical death with artificial perfusion? One possible consequence involves organ donations. Some European countries require emergency responders to use a process that preserves organs when they cannot resuscitate a person. They continue to pump blood throughout the body, but use a "thoracic aortic occlusion balloon" to prevent that blood from reaching the brain.

Why some say a secret mind ray attacked U.S. embassies

The system is already controversial because it raises concerns about what caused the patient's death. But what happens when brain death becomes readily reversible? Stuart Younger, a bioethicist at Case Western Reserve University, told Nature that if Brain Ex were to become widely available, it could shrink the pool of eligible donors. It will be a while before such experiments go anywhere near human subjects. A more immediate ethical question relates to how such experiments harm animal subjects.

Ethical review boards evaluate research protocols and can reject any that causes undue pain, suffering, or distress. Since dead animals feel no pain, suffer no trauma, they are typically approved as subjects.

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But how do such boards make a judgement regarding the suffering of a "cellularly active" brain? The distress of a partially alive brain? Another science fiction story that comes to mind when discussing this story is, of course, Frankenstein. As Farahany told National Geographic : "It is definitely has [sic] a good science-fiction element to it, and it is restoring cellular function where we previously thought impossible.

But to have Frankenstein , you need some degree of consciousness, some 'there' there. But we are one step closer to that possibility. She's right. The researchers undertook their research for the betterment of humanity, and we may one day reap some unimaginable medical benefits from it. The ethical questions, however, remain as unsettling as the stories they remind us of. Not only do these monkeys use tools, they're developing new, better tools to adapt to their environment.

Big Think Edge For You. Big Think Edge For Business. Preview an Edge video. Sponsored by the Institute for Humane Studies Why a great education means engaging with controversy. Videos Lateral thinking: How to workshop innovative ideas. Why some say a secret mind ray attacked U. Some scientists feel that the attacks on U.

Frey found that the temporal lobe is the most sensitive to microwaves. Wikimedia Commons. Lin explaining microwave audio tmk The biology graduate uses her identity to promote her passion for ocean conservation and her knowledge adds realistic details to her mermaid persona.

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Caitlin, 32, from Seattle, spends her time swimming in lakes and posting to her social media following to show off her luminous tail. She even has her own workshop where she crafts handmade silicone mermaid tails. In fact, Caitlin identifies with being a mer-person so much that she likens her glimmering scales to a prosthetic limb. I feel extremely clumsy. Ed also identifies as being a non-binary, asexual person. You know you can put on a costume and become a magical creature and be something other than who you are for a little while. Ed, who works on a boat, goes by the mer-name Mahtlinnie.

Tessie agreed. Her appearance at the cotillion, even if it was disguised, impelled an unnamed socialite to invite Madam Wall to the annual Mardi Gras Ball. Wearing tails and a top hat, Frank attended the gala with his wife. She was disappointed, but not surprised that her name was not listed in the local newspaper as one of the Mardi Gras attendees.

She remedied the omission by reporting the loss of an expensive diamond broach at the location of the ball. The report was followed by a lost and found article placed in the San Francisco Examiner. Having managed to get herself on the guest list for many more engagements, Tessie was able to convince Frank that she was no longer political poison and was now worthy of a church wedding. Frank consented to a public ceremony, but was adamant about Tessie retiring from the business. This time she acquiesced and transferred the management of the house to one of her employees.

Given the magnitude of the sacrifice, Tessie expected Frank to do something for her. At her request he promised to make all the arrangements for the reception and agreed to her guest list, choice of music and location. Once a priest who would marry them was secured a wedding date was set. Nearly two years from the date Frank and Tessie were initially married, the two renewed their vows. The second ceremony was held in the rectory of St. Within hours of the nuptials the Darouxs were exchanging insults. Towards the end of the evening the pair had once again reconciled.

Frank took that opportunity of brief calm to present his wife with a wedding gift. News of the expensive gesture of affection made the papers the following day. After a brief honeymoon, Frank and Tessie returned to the lives they had made for themselves. Frank kept active in politics and oversaw business at his gambling dens.

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Tessie focused on her brothel. Religious groups staunchly opposed to parlor houses began a crusade to drive them out of business. Frank did nothing to stop the powers-that-be from threatening her livelihood.

But that was the least of her problems. Unbeknownst to Tessie, her husband was betraying her in a more profound way.

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They never shied away from quarreling in public. Frank grew tired of the embarrassing outbursts and was frustrated with the way it was diminishing his influence on key political figures. His attention eventually turned to a less combative woman he met at a fund raiser. In , the two began having an affair. Tessie found the pair out and vowed to kill the woman if she came near her husband again.

Frank stayed in the marriage another two years before walking out on Tessie and filing for divorce. Like all of the other disagreements Tessie and Frank had in their eight years of marriage, the fight over how their union would end was made public as well. Tessie made it clear to all who would listen that she did not want to lose Frank and she contested the divorce numerous times. After a long and vicious court battle the marriage was finally dissolved. Tessie returned to her house to nurse her wounds.

Her heart was broken. In a desperate attempt to win him back she secretly followed him around, waiting for a chance to speak with him and convince him to return to her. He hurled a string of obscenities at her as he turned and walked away. She heard from a friend that Frank and his mistress were going to attend the theatre that evening and she decided to confront the two there. When asked about the gun Tessie told authorities that she bought it because of the other woman. It made me mad. Frank was conscious when Tessie entered the emergency room. The three bullets she had emptied into his upper torso had missed his vital organs.

Doctors expected him to make a full recovery.


The police escorted Tessie to his bedside and asked Frank if she was the one who shot him. Madam Wall was booked on a charge of intent to kill and held without bail for three months. Bail was finally granted when Frank was given a clean bill of health. In a move that surprised everyone, Frank announced to authorities that he had made a decision not to press charges on Tessie. She took the news as a sign of his continued affection for her and filed an appeal on the divorce. Frank had hoped the incident and his willingness not to prosecute would drive Tessie away.

Once he found out that she was appealing the divorce he changed his mind about pressing charges. The shooting and subsequent court activity was front page news. His peers informed him that he was a liability and suggested relocating. Frank agreed, reversed his decision again about having Tessie prosecuted and made arrangements to marry his mistress. Days before Frank was to marry the other woman. Madam Wall again took gun in hand.

Meet the secret community of ‘real-life’ mermaids

This time she set out to kill her rival. When she found her eating lunch at a popular restaurant, Tessie shot through the glass window at the future Mrs. Her aim was poor and the woman was not hit. Tessie was arrested and while she was being held, Frank remarried. With the stipulation that Tessie not be released until they left town, Mr. And Mrs. Daroux agreed not to press charges.