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The Butte-Padre fields that produced 3, to 3, pounds of nuts last will probably yield around 2, to 3, pounds this season. Some other Butte-Padre blocks that had yields of 2, to 2, pounds last year will probably do that again this year. Three percent to 5 percent of the Nonpareils processed so far have been showing navel orangeworm NOW damage, he notes.

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  • Hansen started seeing the worms on the Nonpareil row ends in mid-July. This was after an insecticide treatment of the blocks on June 24 and June The Nonpareil nuts this year are larger than last year and are ranging in size from 23 to 25 nuts per ounce, Hansen says. Coronation of Michael and Seonaid Sacred Stone. Coronation of Cuan and Bera Caer Mear. Logan I and Arielle I.

    Nine Hungarian almond cultivars in the Republic of Macedonia [1998]

    Coronation of Stephan and Niobe Caer Mear. Stephan I and Niobe I. Amalric I and Caia I. Coronation of Anton and Emer Sacred Stone.


    Ragnarr I and Kyneburh I. Anton IV and Emer I. Coronation of Galmr and Aryanna Lochmere.

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    Havordth I and Mary Grace I. Coronation of Cuan and Padraigin Seareach. Coronation of Janos and Rachel Windmaster's Hill.

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    • Coronation of Robert and Denise Lochmere. Coronation of Valharic and Arielle Sacred Stone. Coronation of Logan and Rowan Stierbach. Coronation of Sinclair and Kari Hawkwood.

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      Bing , oriental pear Pyrus pyrifolia Rehd. The mean h to h ozone partial pressures measured in open-top chambers during the experimental period were 0. Leaf net CO 2 assimilation rate decreased linearly with increasing h mean ozone partial pressure for the almond, plum, apricot, prune, pear, and apple cultivars. Stomatal conductances of apricot, apple, almond, and plum decreased linearly with increasing ozone partial pressure.

      Cross-sectional area relative growth rates of almond, plum, apricot, and pear decreased linearly with increasing ozone partial pressure.