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Female Pitbull names

Attractive Attributes: This one is a given. If the recipient is well-endowed in certain areas of the body, this can prove to be great inspiration for some super sexy nicknames! Proceed with caution and if you respect the person, and try not to be too vulgar with it. If you are given a nickname by your love, try to embrace it because the intention behind it is usually a good one. The same goes for when giving nicknames: always have good intentions behind it to avoid ill feelings. Now that's not to mean you have to love whatever nickname you're given. This actually happened with me and my guy!

I personally didn't like the nickname "Baby" or ''Babe," so when he called me "Baby," I nipped it in the bud real quick! In the event that a nickname is rejected, no matter what the reason is, always try to have a few backups handy. If you find that the name Honeybuns triggers a less-than-receptive reaction, retreat immediately to a safe place until the reaction has subsided and try again with a nicer, safer nickname such as Sweetie.

You can never go wrong with the classics! Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Which one should I use. I got so many names from my boyfriend. I love it all. Thanks for these names, my boyfriend keeps on calling me all the cute names and kissing me, while there I am just sitting there calling him by his real name!

Just wanted too say Thanks for all theses cool cute names i use them on This Nerd named Samuel, we knew eachother since our childhood and we been best friends for so long, and i really like him, hes got the cutest Red Hair shaved on both sides.. I love this! Even though I think you should add more every three years or so. Tha'd be nice for more options every so often. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others.

HubPages Inc, a part of Maven Inc. As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things. To provide a better website experience, pairedlife. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. Tatiana more. Sexy Nicknames for Guys Guys are easy! Naughty Names Bad Boy. Hot Nicknames Hot Buns. Names From Professions Rocketman.

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Masculine Names King. Names From the Wild Stallion. Names From Other Languages Papi. Suggestive Names ; Woody. Funny Names Sex Warlock. Sexy Names for Girls Coming up with a great name for your girl can be a bit trickier, because you have to be creative to come up with something unique! Names From Other Languages Bella. Sexy Names From Fiction Afrodite. Names to Describe Her Body Luscious. Lovey Names Darling. Names From Nature Desert Blossom. Animal Names Bambi. Names for Some Sparkle Diamond.

Tasty Names Bonbon. Silly Names Lovey Butt. Dirty Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend. Receiving a Nickname From Someone Else If you are given a nickname by your love, try to embrace it because the intention behind it is usually a good one. Here are some steps you can take to say no to a nickname! Appreciate the Gesture: When someone gives you a cute or sexy nickname, usually it's a term of endearment. Every time they use that nickname instead of your real name, it's a cute way of saying you're special to me.

So even if you don't like the name, show appreciation and love for the gesture. Be Honest: It's okay to say, "I love that you want to give me a nickname, but I just don't really like that one. Ask him or her to try others to see what feels right. Eventually the right name will stick! Ranging from a pale to an almost charcoal tone.

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Here are some great grey Pitbull Names, that can work for your blue nose Pitbull. Your red nose Pitbull is likely to be fawn or orange in color.

Top 10 Female Dog Names

So you can choose anything from or associated with that color spectrum, if you would like. White dogs are simply stunning. With their pale fur and good looks, a white Pitbull deserves a name that reflects his glorious fur coat. Brindle dogs are beautiful, and your wonderful Brindle Pitty is of course no exception. A brindle Pitbull can be a range of colors, all streaked into a base of brown or tan.

Beautiful black Pitbulls have an awful lot going for them looks wise. Coupling the striking features of a Pitbull with that stunning dark coat. If you have a pretty brown Pitbull, you have a fun selection of things to pick from when it comes to his name. From nature, to chocolate bar manufacturers! There really is quite a range in there. Pitbulls are cool dogs. There is no denying it. We all know that Pitbulls are real cuties. But they have had a bit of a bad reputation. If you want your lovely little pup to keep getting those coos and cuddles as she grows, then giving her an equally adorable name can go a long way.

Just like every owner. Because you want it to be something different. Pitbulls have a reputation for being tough. If you love the loyal, determined nature of the Pitbull and want to reflect that in his name, then you could do a lot worse than one of these strong Pitbull names. The best Pitbull dog names are the ones that reflect your dog and you. One that makes you proud to call in the dog park, and happy to say when you are snuggling on the sofa at home. Our Red nose pittie is getting up in age and we recently decided to get another pit puppy since our friend had a litter. Can anyone give us name suggestions?

My Nephew has the Sister and he named her Denver. My Daughter had a male and a female. Male was Vegas and female was Reno. Its actually a cute puppy.. Any suggestions on how to find out her exact breed? These are some great names! Such a shame they have such a stigma around them still though. Needing name suggestions? Thinking Rambo.

I have a 5 month female fawn colored red nose pit mix puppy. I rescued her from the shelter.

Discover the most popular Arabic girl names

I want a strong unique name… Any suggestions? Need some help with a name some suggestion would help:. For a girl pitbull i was thinking about TeTe. I want something different ya know. Pronounced as tee tee or just tt. I just had my own pups decided to keep 2 mine blue nose and the other to yellow of my brother. Mine im thinking of Icon Astro or Lars my fav is lars what you think friends? Thank you. She was somewhat short and stocky, and all muscle, I called her my lil sausage, she was a beautiful blueish grey and white, just a great looking out bull.

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After thinking for a while and getting some help from a few friends and coworkers, my coworkers wife suggested the name Gaia pronounced guy-a meaning mother earth. I fell in love with the name it was perfect. We had never used rat poison and it was nowhere to be found on our property, the only explanation was that the neighbors had poisoned her, but we had no actual proof or evidence. The poison had done to much damage and she had to be put down.

That put bull was the live of my life, she was my little sausage, i loved her. It was so awful the things he went through and me not having the funds available that sunday to save him but did get it by 10 a. P Tyson. Please help. Please help these are the names we have so far Vandal, Kaos, Dagger Gabe.

For Gabriel. Please give me some ideas we wood like a bad ass name. I have been dealing with depression since I was a teenager. I am now Recently I was blindsided by a break up with a woman I thought was the one. I practically adopted her kids and fell in love with them as a family as well as individuals. Then not long after I lost my job and a close family friend. This all happened within a matter of weeks of each other.

One day a neighbor found a gorgeous, friendly, BIG brown pitbull.

Modern & Cute English Names for Girls & Boys with Meanings

Anyway…he stayed with me and has helped me to push forward when I felt the weight of the world was crushing me. For this reason I named him after the king of the Greek Titans, Atlas, who was destined to hold the weight of the world on his shoulders. He is amazing and I love the big lug. My boyfriend has a beautiful blue nosed pit bull. He likes to name his dogs a different kind of name.

Her name is Xena pronounced Zena. She is definitely a warrior princess. I really like the way the name Xena sounds… I also have a blue nose american bully pitbull puppy it is so hard to deside. Hi, my and my girlfriend are picking up a 9 week old Male Blue nose pit. Any suggestions on names would be greatly appreciated.

Had one thats what my son named him because he drank miller lite. I didnt like at frist but it grew on me A neigbor I have named his jack because he drank jack danirls. I have a one year old blue boy and I got got him at ten weeks he is my best friend protector and playmate. I wanted to give him a strong and in charge name so I named him General. I love it and him. I have a 10 week male pit puppy from a litter we had. He was a miracle puppy as he was born almost 10 Hours after his 5 brothers and 4 sisters.

So he is the runt but he really is not much smaller than thw other puppies. He os black with a dew white toes, a white stripe on his nexk and chest and a partial white collar just above his Shoulders I want a name that reflects the miracle he is. Please Help. First, I am stating the obvious name of Miracle but that may be too cheesy , but then I thought of Phoenix, as in the mythological phoenix bird that burned itself to death on a funeral pyre, then rose from the ashes to live again. Your pup as already fought a good strong battle and has lived.

Plus I think Phoenix has a nice strong sound to it and it is easy to say, and rarely misunderstood. About 20 years ago, my cousin had a grey pit bull…. It suited him well, as he always looked serious. My 8 year old daughter was given a blue pitbull that is a 7 week old female and we are trying to come up with a name. We have a pit mix female named Baya! My daughter came up with it within seconds when someone dumped the dog on the street in front of our house and we have had her every since then. She is 7 now!

Just saved a black pit with white boots. Trying to figure out a name for her. We have Versace picked. But already have a Dior and Dusty so fancied another one with a D? I rescued a Gotti Pitbull, half white half grey face. Hes huge but the biggest sweetheart ever. Everyone says he looks like hes the happiest dog.. Do I keep the name or can I change it.. Open for suggestions!

Ash would be a good name Avalanche would be another possible good name.

I thinks ok to change it if you like. I have a fawn and white pit bull puppy that I just got and having trouble trying to pick out a name help please lol.. I love Paris and Dream either or will work great with her. I have a gray blue nose and her name is Royal. A few weeks ago I lost my sweet Pit girl, Cleo, to her second series of Grand Mal seizures due to a fatal reaction to Frontline flea treatment at the age of 3yrs old.

She was my everything. I loved the name Sophia, always, but was drawn to the mystery of her blue eyes and they reminded me precious jewels…being fascinated with Egyptian history and culture, Cleopatra seemed just a natural fit for such a beautiful queen! So sorry for your loss! She won your heart so she will always be with you! Just got a male pit all white except a heart shaped brown spot over one eye. My mind has gone blank when it comes to names. Any suggestions?