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Jane Mayer on James O’Keefe’s Botched Sting

On St. Unlike ordinary charities, c4 groups can accept unlimited contributions from secret donors and spend the cash directly on campaigns. They just need to make a plausible case that they promote social welfare and that politics is not their primary purpose. We have thousands of hours of video. He first gained wide notoriety in , when he released a series of undercover videos attacking the liberal community-organizing group ACORN. The videos had an immediate effect, but raised serious questions about his methods and ethics—questions that have trailed him ever since.

He secretly filmed encounters in which he and a female colleague showed up at ACORN offices in various cities, claiming to be a pimp and an underage prostitute who wanted advice on how to make prostitution look like a legal business.

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He argued that he had not consented to be videotaped, as is required in California, and that after learning about the prostitution idea he had called the police. In January, , the F. A sting aimed at Hillary Clinton last year was considered especially feeble. It is not surprising, given that their founder has already been convicted for efforts like this.

The use of deception and other subversive tactics to undermine voter choice is as old as the American republic. Thomas Jefferson enlisted surrogates to publish attacks on Alexander Hamilton, who responded with anonymous ripostes. With cash streaming into dark-money groups, negative campaigning is a growth industry. According to Jamieson, the ability to download videos from smartphones directly onto the Internet has normalized what used to be shadowy practices.

Meanwhile, negative campaigns funded by private donors and private interests are aiming at targets far beyond conventional candidates—among them intellectuals who have no official role. But Matthew Tyrmand, a recent addition to the Project Veritas board, has publicly declared his fierce opposition to Soros. As street protests have sprung up in Poland, Tyrmand has repeatedly suggested online that Soros is stoking the unrest. Tyrmand deflected numerous requests for an interview. When I finally reached him by phone, he said that he was too busy to talk.

On May 11th, he, Tyrmand, and a cameraman showed up in the lobby of the Open Society Foundations, saying that they were conducting a serious investigation. We do support groups that advance the rule of law and human rights, which are under threat in Poland today. According to tax records obtained by PRWatch.

Walter Thomson survey of to year-old women in England. Physical capacity, financial circumstances and mind-set arguably have far greater influence. Her lifestyle is not governed by her age but by her values and the things she cares about. Slater echoed that sentiment. Why would we accept the aging image of our mothers?

The True Cost of the Chernobyl Disaster Has Been Greater Than It Seems

In their wardrobes, unfettered self-expression is the rule. Dorrie Jacobson, an year-old former Playboy bunny, piqued interest last year when she began modeling lacy black lingerie on her Senior Style Bible Instagram account. In an interview, as on her feed, she urges followers to ditch cobwebby notions of how a woman her age should dress.

Making waves, and a little cash on the side, are pop sensations like Baddie Winkle year-old Helen Ruth Elam Van Winkle , whose posts are conceived to flip convention on its head.

The Accidental Actor: Meet Artist & Entertainer Kevin Christy - Print Magazine

Van Winkle has transcended cult status. She has millions of followers and is paid to tout brands like Got2B hair products and Smirnoff on her account, and has made personal appearances at Sephora.

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  • There is year-old Lili Hayes , whose posts tend to send up stereotyped images of Jewish mom-ness. Hayes, who, as her online bio makes clear, is always a little ticked off, underscores her peevishness with a street-wear-inflected style. Her fashion signature: an ever-expanding collection of Supreme caps.

    About Jeanée Ledoux

    Chalk up their influence to a palpable shift in the wind. Their advent coincides with the stepped-up visibility, and clout, of political outliers like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, whose weathered features loom large these days on theater screens, to say nothing of a voluble coterie of older women in Congress. In an apparently more hospitable climate, designers and advertisers have begun to acknowledge a more mature market, pushing a concept of inclusion to extend not just to race and ethnicity but also to age.

    Even so, those campaigns can carry a whiff of tokenism. Without aesthetics, talk about art is not about art.

    Travel Book Definition

    To talk about, study, teach, or criticize a work of art focus must always be on problems of form in relation, of course, to a particular content. An artifact is transformed into a work of art only when the conflict between form and content is resolved. The term art, has been bandied about so carelessly that it has almost lost its meaning. For example, it seems that one of the ways a painting earns its place in the pantheon of art is by being rendered in a particular medium: oil on canvas.

    The so called lesser arts -- prints, etchings, graphic design, photography, etc. Consequently, the medium in which a work is rendered can become as important as its message or meaning. Symbolism has become the measure of value. Form and content are assymetric. Formal values are very often independent of content. Time can, and does, erase meaning of once familiar artifacts, but time can never erase form.

    Spontaneity, fantasy, intuition, invention, and revelation also play an important part in the language of art. Among the many aspects of form, problems pertaining to the principles of proportion, for example, are significant. The rules of proportion apply equally well to the Parthenon or to a can of Campbells soup.