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I also remember a staff member called Linda, who I recall got very nasty with me for laughing at her when she scolded me. Other than this, very positive memories. I was 10 back then and my brother I am trying to find out about nana. My mum was adopted when she was small at three weeks old. Me and my sisters wonder if she had any family. Thank you so much. Tracey I remember you, also David. She died of meningitis whilst living with my mum in Telford, Shropshire where she is buried.

Andy lives in Hastings. Say Hi to Dave for me if you still see him.

Saint Anne Catholic Community

All the best. I remembered the home was in Black Rock on Balcombe Road. I also remember going there for dinner one night. Can anyone enlighten me about this home? I never thought it was in Brighton. I would like to hear from anyone who remembers me. I was in the house called Marina. I can remember a boy called Steven and a small boy called Paul. Me and Steven used to go out with some volunteers at weekends, one lady called Ingrid in particular. I have some photos, is there a site where you can post photos? Also an email address for Jennifer Dury, Editor, if you are still unsure.

Best wishes]. From the posts here I remember very well Anne Wall I have a picture of us together at a garden fete in Southwick. We used to go to ballet classes together. I also remember Nina very well always known as Beracy. Glad to know your real name. Just last week I visited there after over 40 years. The grounds we used to play in have totally changed, the day room is now a major Buddhist shrine. I remember very well the events we used to have there. My greatest friend at the time was John Thompson, until he went to live with Frank Evans.

I was known by my childhood nickname: Frankie. My full name is Francesca Fleming. My email is: fcfleming gmail. I would enjoy hearing from anyone, Anne and Nina especially, as two I remember. There was a woman helper named Connie who was very strict. I recall being there during Easter, Christmas and Summer. Would love to see some photos. I was here with my brothers Chris and Brian; we all went to St Madeline school. If you watch it I am the girl with the balloons on the pier by the gun range. If anyone remembers me or my brothers I would love to know.

They were very kind and loving providing food and lodging free. I remember the name Donna King. Sister Hilda was the nun in charge. I also remember the treats from Marks and Spencers. I will have to check some paperwork. My sister Tracey was also sent here so please, anyone who was there in those years would love to hear from you as all my memories were very happy there.

We used to visit this other convent on occasions. I thought you might be interested to hear that Frances McHugh who helped in the kitchen a lot sadly passed away and the funeral was yesterday 8th January I tend to think of us all as we were but we are all getting older which does tend to make one look back. I notice lots of comments re films and dancing, as it happens I am still taking dancing classes and it all started with those great shows at the convent. I do remember you Nina Alberici but can only picture you as a young girl.

Not sure how long you were at the home but I was there for 13 years. We all seem to remember that long drive which I remember walking down when I left in Leane, I am so sad to hear that your mother Nina has died, but thank you for telling us. A very memorable contributor. There are twelve there from Nina if anyone would like read them.

Scroll down that page to read the messages. We will miss her. Hi Veronica Capaldi. I remember you — you were friends with Sue and Tracy, both sisters, and Lucy who would spend time with us. We sometimes went round to the park round the corner, the beach, Saltdean Lido — remember the ladybird invasion? Myself and my brothers were upstairs in Brenlock, the big building. It ended for me on the day I left the convent with my brothers and sisters and made the long journey north. I really did not want to leave.

I remember the soup kitchen and a queue of hungry souls waiting for soup and bread, served from the hatch round the back of the building. Then we would wash up after, taking turns each mealtime. Perhaps you remember us? Monica, Maria and Des were aunties and uncle. I have very fond memories of those times and if I had a time machine I would seriously go back. Happy days. We bought them all sweets or other things, and we were invited to come to Christmas parties or Irish dancing evenings. Does anyone remember Frank Evans who had an old London taxi with a Brylcreme bottle for indicator light?

I believe John used to look after things there. I remember the Capaldis, and a boy called Jimmy who came for lunch on some Sundays as well as being taken out for a trip with my parents.

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Sister Benignus, and others. I think I still have photos of the Christmas parties. I was going into hospital to have an operation and to take my mind off it my husband said lets go down to Brighton for the day. I have often visited Brighton over the years, but never went back to visit St Annes, so with my hand on my heart we went to Hove. I knew I would feel very emotional as I walked down the curved path to the convent.

I missed seeing the grotto to the left with the statue of Mary dressed in blue with the two conch shells at her feet. I was there in as my parents were divorced and custody of me was given to my father who put me in St Annes. Happy times for me, always someone to play with. Not like home life which was full of tears. I only have happy memories of my stay, angel cake, liberty bodice, hot chocolate, hot summer days on the beach and Saturday morning pictures. I aways cry when I think back to those days, but they were happy days. I remember her very well and am delighted she had a daughter. I must look through my photos and will email you Leane.

Hi Evelyn. Hope your operation was successful and that you are on the mend by now. I think we were very lucky to have been in such a safe and happy home. Hope to hear further. My name then was Jean Williams. Do you live near Brighton and Hove? I remember going to the primary school up the road and even going to dance classes. Look forward to hearing from you again. I was in this home at the age of 3 with my two sisters Kit and Eileen. This was 90 years ago!

Anyone else remember that time? She was in there with Anthony Worall-Thompson, the famous chef. Does anyone remember her? She was a lover of Elvis Presley and always done the boys hair like Elvis. I have just been going down memory lane reading all the above and realising what a great time we all had. Life was so simple then with lots of I have many photographs from our youth. My email address is veronicatumber yahoo.

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We were walked every day down to the little river and ponds near the seafront. Not happy memories. Some new play swings were installed on the grassy area between the big building and Marina and Woodside. Somewhere in the archives of said paper may exist a copy of that photo, perhaps you remember it?

You might be in it. But all the other staff tried there best to reach out to me. I was stubborn and had already built a big wall around myself. London taught me some bad behavior patterns and always moving around has an affect on you personally. I hope all the other children went on to good things and have happy experiences in their lives and a big thanks to the staff entrusted to care for us all.

God bless. I was wondering if any of you out there may remember the Quinn children? They were here in the early 60s — there were 3 girls and two boys. Many thanks. My best friends were John Smith and Florrie Carpenter. Hi, my name is Annmarie Wallace. I am doing some research on my nan, who has passed away. Her name was Barbara Jean Clark, born 8th Feb Apparently she was from Kent but lived most of her life in Brighton.

I was around 5 years old at the time and only remember bits and pieces of that time — such as the female helpers who gave me baths and were very caring. I recall goldfish in the bath, maybe a fish tank was being cleaned out? In the back of the building was a play area which had swings and a pink elephant climbing frame. I would love to hear from anyone who might remember us and would love to see any pictures of the home inside and out. I too was here after going into care for the second time. I was 2 years old and there was a blood red leather sofa as you came in, white painted cupboards with toys in and the stripey toothpaste.

One of the young independent flats occupied by a teenager caught fire and every now and again I will smell that same unique smell. Hi, I can remember being at St Annes. I have a photo somewhere of doing the nativity at Christmas. I was the angel Gabriel. I remember sister Ita.

Development of the properties

She was so loving and funny. I had a great time there with lots of fun memories although some of the nuns were very scary. I remember a holiday at Butlins, Bognor with some staff, kids and a Sister Kathy? Maybe wrong name. We were encouraged to enter the ballroom dancing competition together. I also remember a staff member called Maria?

Spanish I think. I was in St.

Let's Start with the Children: Journey to St. Ann's

I remember Ann Wall. I have many memories of St. Would love to know. I was there with my two brothers, Leon and Tony, our surname Albert. We all lived in the same building in the same landing. Joan was one of the staff that looked after us. Their names were Linda and Lorraine. I last saw Lucy in , that time she had a daughter. Please if any one remembers me please contact me at brendasakara78 gmail.

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My sisters were on the 1st landing and I was on the 2nd landing. We were all Smith at this time. If anyone remembers any of us please contact me it would be lovely to hear from you. It would also be lovely to see any photos during these years. For anyone interested, I have located the film called The Secret filmed in I have tried many times over the years to locate the film so very pleased to have finally found it.

She was a girl with very long blonde hair who had a best friend called Evelyn? Reply to Maggie Dougherty from Ireland, formerly Maureen. Yes, I am sure that you and Eileen would have been the two little girls from the Convent that we used to take out and take home for tea in the s. Did you have two little brothers? Maureen and Eileen took some items from teatime back to the home for their little brothers.

We were very fond of them and will never forget them. I will tell my sister, Elizabeth, of your message. I am sure she will be most interested to learn that you have been in touch. Myself and my brothers and sisters were placed in the loving care of St Annes convent childrens home until I could not remember at that point, I now remember the early years of my life after a long sleep of about 40 years plus.

I had indeed been at the convent and remember being in the garden talking to some girls that lived there who themselves were in the film too; my memory is now restored. Message to Patrick Doyle. I was in the film at the age of 5 and my name was Anne Wall. You do not see much of the convent in the film but the opening is a car driving up the drive and Monica opening the front door. She left very suddenly and I never found out what happened to her. Jasmine do you remember me at all?

Hope to hear from you again. Message for Patrick Doyle. Please email me on jasminecoutts hotmail. I think Jan would really love to hear from you. My name is Larry Hunter. I was in St Anns Convent early 60s till late 60s.

Let's Start with the Children : Journey to St. Ann's by Al Colella | eBay

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